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3 Weeks Into Office, President Trump Is Getting His OWN MONUMENT Built… It’s NOT The In U.S.

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President Donald Trump has been impressing a lot of people since taking office despite the liberal media’s best efforts to undermine his administration, and as a result he’s already getting his own monument built for him.

Normally such honors are bestowed on presidents years after they leave office, but as far as one Italian town is concerned, he’s already outperformed his predecessors. Fox News is reporting that the central Italian town is already working on building the monument, and they’re hoping the 45th President has time to go see it at some point.

Check it out:

The mayor of Vagli di Sotto, Mario Puglia, plans to construct a big, marble statue of the sitting U.S. president in the village’s Park of Honor and Dishonor. He thinks it will be a tremendous way to attract tourists from around the globe to the Tuscan town of less than 1,000 people.

“I’m not going to enter into a discussion over whether his actions are right or wrong,” Puglia told local Italian media. “But at the moment Trump is the only politician who is following through on his promises, doing what he said on the campaign trail.”

Last year, the village saw over 250,000 visitors, but Puglia has yet to mention if he plans to build a wall to control the flow of people into Vagli di Sotto. Puglia added that while he would be honored if Trump made a trip to see the statue, he doubts the U.S. leader will have the time.

“I don’t think he will come, because of everything he has to do, but we’re in contact with the American ambassador and we want to invite them,” he told the Local.

Apparently this mayor see that President Trump isn’t only fighting to save America from ruin, he’s fighting to save Western civilization. Although many are blinded by the politically correct culture we find ourselves in, many more are seeing the light and recognizing what it is he’s trying to accomplish.

Welcome aboard the Trump Train, Mayor Puglia, there’s plenty of room!



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