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36 ISIS Terrorists First Reported Killed By MOAB In Afghanistan, But The Actual Number Is STAGGERING

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On Thursday, the United States military dropped its largest non-nuclear ordinance on an ISIS stronghold in Afghanistan, and it was originally reported that 36 fighters were killed. But the actual number is far more than that.

As the U.S. and Afghan militaries continue their damage assessment to the now-destroyed cave system that was held by ISIS, they’re pulling out more bodies than previously thought. A lot more.

The Daily Caller is reporting that as of this writing, 100 bodies have been pulled from the rubble, and they still have a long way to go to continue clearing the area. The “Mother of All Bombs” was dropped on the ISIS headquarters after security forces had failed to expel them from the area.

More from the Caller:

“This was the first time that we encountered an extensive obstacle to our progress,” top U.S. general in Afghanistan Gen. John Nicholson told reporters Friday. He continued, “It was the right time to use it tactically against the right target on the battlefield.”

The bomb used by the U.S. is designed to explode 6 feet before it hits the ground and collapse any underlying tunnels or caves. So far Afghan officials say “Twenty-two bodies were found in one cave, 60 in another and 10 bodies in a third.”

Thus far, no civilian casualties have been reported; however, villagers from the region thought that God himself had returned to earth to destroy the world…seriously.

The earth felt like a boat in a storm,” one villager who lived near the blast told The Guardian. He continued, “My ears were deaf for a while. My windows and doors are broken. There are cracks in the walls.” Achin’s Mayor Naweed Shinwari said “my relatives thought the end of the world had come.”

Other residents in the area praised the U.S. bombing as a “positive move” to eradicate ISIS vermin from the planet. Yet another resident, who lives over two miles away, said “we were all scared and my children and my wife were crying.”

“We thought it had happened right in front of our house,” he added.



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