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Inauguration Boycott By 40 Democrats Is About MUCH MORE Than Trump, Check This Out

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Can you seriously believe there’s 40 people on Capitol Hill that are refusing to participate in one of our oldest traditions, all because they don’t like Trump’s demeanor? Of course, it’s absolutely their right to do so, which is the great thing about America, but one has to ask, what are they really boycotting?

The inauguration isn’t about the man, it’s about our most coveted tradition – the peaceful transition of power. Every four years, we gather in Washington to celebrate this time-honored ceremony in which new leadership takes over the nation without a shot fired, drop of blood spilled, or single bomb being dropped. People from every party, all walks of life, and every socioeconomic status all congregate on our nation’s Capital to witness the hallmark of American democracy because they all realize just how blessed we are that our Constitution affords us the luxury of revolution through the ballot box, due to the fact 250 years ago it was done with the cartridge box.

While Trump is going to be the guest of honor, Friday’s inauguration isn’t about Trump by any means. It’s about honoring our republic and everything it stands for. It’s the celebration of self-governance and the right of the people to choose their own destiny through peaceful elections. It’s commemorating the fact that our votes are the most potent weapon we have in the war of ideas, and it’s honoring the voices of the people who participated in our republican process to decide our next leader.

We expect our elected officials to attend the inauguration to show the world that even after a contentious election, we stand united as a nation behind our duly elected president. We expect our fellow Americans to attend the event to show solidarity with one another as we start the healing process, and we expect all parties involved, regardless of ideology, to stand behind the incoming president as an undivided force representing the people of the greatest country in the history of mankind – the very country that made all of the above possible.

Yet despite all of this there’s still 40 people in Congress; 40 people so upset over the politics of the incoming president that they’re willing to skip an event that millions of Americans, nay, hundreds of millions of people all over the world would give anything to attend because of what it represents. This is much bigger than just one man or one party, opposing ideologies or petty disagreements; it’s celebrating almost 250 years of democracy while providing the world with an example of peaceful continuity and change.

So again I ask, what are they boycotting? Certainly they wouldn’t deprive themselves the opportunity to participate in such an extraordinary event because of one man, would they? Certainly they wouldn’t boycott what’s the most important event in our nation because they disagree with someone’s politics, right?

I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions, but judging by their actions since November 8 I’d say their boycott goes deeper than mere disagreements with the incoming president.



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