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911 Operator’s SHOCKING Reply To Kid Rock Saying ‘Send A F-ing Ambulance!’ Sparks FURY

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Editor’s Note: This Post contains strong language that may not be suitable for all audiences.

Earlier this week, rock star Kid Rock was utterly devastated upon finding his longtime friend and assistant Michael Sacha dead after an ATV accident at his estate, and as if finding one of your friends dead isn’t already bad enough, the 911 dispatcher’s reaction was almost too shocking to believe.

Gossip website TMZ was able to get their hands on a recording of the call that Kid Rock, whose real name is Robert Ritchie, made for help. The audio clip reveals how upset Ritchie was when he made the call, and the operator’s slow response seemed to only make it worse for the distressed rocker.

In fact, he became so upset that he was forced to hand the phone to a friend because he couldn’t hold back his anger.

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Check out the call below, but be forewarned it contains some very strong language:

As you might imagine, reaction to the dispatcher’s demeanor was not pretty… at all.

“Omg that b*tch needs to be fired.”

“”Is he awake?”…b*tch obviously he’s not awake if they think he’s dead.”

“B*tch!! Please!! really!! and would you like fries with this emergency!! WTF!!”

“I hope that f*cking c*nt got fired. I wanted to punch her in the face SO bad the entire time she was giving him a hard time. At one point she said “sir you yelling at me is not gonna…” I swear she almost caught herself saying “not gonna make me move any faster”. Its like the b*tch was mad because he was being irritable (And rightfully so) and she was moving slow and taking her time on purpose. f*ucking dumb b*tch.”

“That f*cking idiot on the phone why cant she just send the ambulance straight away instead of playing 21 questions.”

“Wow, that took an AWFULLY LONG TIME!?!?! WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS WOMAN!! 10 and 15 seconds could be the difference between life and death and YOU ARE TAKING YOU SWEET TIME?!?! WTF?!?!?!? SEND A BLOODY AMBULANCE!!”

We originally reported that Sacha was killed later Sunday evening at Ritchie’s Tennessee estate after using an ATV to bring guests out to the road to meet an Uber. Apparently, on his way back to the residence, Sacha lost control of the vehicle and crashed, which resulted in his death.

It’s unknown whether or not he was wearing a helmet; however, judging by what was heard on the 911 call, it didn’t sound as if he was. Ritchie and his friend went looking for Sacha after they couldn’t find him in the home, and that’s when they made the discovery that would change their lives forever.

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After the horrifying incident, Ritchie released a statement in which he said he was “beyond devastated,” and that he would be staying in Tennessee until he can brink Sacha “home to his family” in Michigan.




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