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Abortion Group SLAMS Doritos’ ‘Cute’ Super Bowl Ad, America Had FIERCE Response

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The Super Bowl always has some of the funniest commercials of the year. In fact, many people watch the event just to see the hilarious ads that cost companies millions of dollars. However, one ad in particular from Doritos is causing quite the controversy after an abortion rights group took issue with it, but Americans aren’t happy over the reason why.

The ad shows a mom-to-be exasperated with her husband, who happens to be chowing down on a bag of Doritos while she’s getting an ultrasound. From inside the womb, you can see the baby reaching for his father’s bag of chips, and mom isn’t too happy about it.

She grabs the bag and throws them across the room, which causes her unborn child to lunge for them… from still inside the womb. That chain of events caused her child to come a little earlier than expected, and while most of us would laugh at the lighthearted commercial, an abortion group slammed Doritos for it.

Why, you might ask? Well, have a look:

Yes. They seriously are upset that Doritos “humanized” a baby. Think about that for a second – humanizing an unborn human. Yeah, that tweet started an all-out flame war, and Americans weren’t too nice to the group over its blatant disregard for human life.

You get the idea. NARAL’s tweet was ridiculously absurd and to be quite honest, beyond offensive. Good job to our fellow Americans for calling them out so quickly.

What would you say to NARAL if you had the chance to let them know exactly how you feel about what they said?

[H/T: IJReview]



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