About Us

Who We Are:

The Political Cult is a news and opinion website providing honest journalism and bold, insightful commentary that’s unafraid to ask the tough questions and expose inconvenient truths on both sides of the aisle. We hold our values dear, and strive to create a community of individuals all coming together for a greater cause – to revive our once-great nation.

Our Mission:

To provide a balance to the lopsided reporting from the mainstream media, and become a trusted source for both political and cultural news. The Political Cult is a right-leaning publication that prides itself on accurate, honest reporting from a conservative point of view, and readers can be assured that while opinion is used, our facts are always right. Our principles – integrity, honesty, respect – come before any politics, and they’re used as a guiding light to empower readers with the unadulterated truth missing from most media outlets today.

Our Goal:

To use our voice to expose the media myths, half-truths, and spin that’s misled so many people in our nation. Together, we can make a difference, and it starts right here at The Political Cult.

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