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Activist DEMANDS Gov’t ‘Safe Spaces’ For Muslims, And Tucker Had A MAJOR Issue With That [Video]

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An Australian Muslim group is demanding government-funded “safe spaces” for young Muslims so they can openly express their feelings, or something, and an American Muslim activist is totally on board with it.

Segregation was ended over a half of a century ago, but thanks to the left, it’s making a reprisal as liberals increasingly divide people up by groups then encourage them to stay around people just like them. Muslim Activist Blair Imani is one such person; she thinks Muslims should be given their own “safe space” so they can hang out with other Muslims and express their secret Muslim feelings, but Fox News host Tucker Carlson has a problem with that…a huge problem.

The idea stems from an Australian activist group that believes Muslims are so heavily persecuted they can’t express themselves around non-Muslims.

From Fox News Insider:

The Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV), which says it represents 200,000 Muslims, claims the community is suffering mental health issues and other problems because of the widespread suspicion it faces over fears of radical Islamic terror.

The ICV said such forums would enable young people to safely express “inflammatory views that would cause trouble if voiced publicly.”

Apparently the group has some 200,000 members, so it’s nothing to just write off as a group of fringe lunatics. Imani, the executive director of Equality for HER, doesn’t think so either, and in fact supports the group’s position.

She also would like to have Islamic safe spaces in America too.

Watch what happens when Tucker gets a load of this bull:

“I’m talking about safe spaces being somewhere where you can be who you are without fear of being surveilled, having violence committed against you or being harassed,” Imani said. “And I think it’s a good idea to have everywhere.”

Tucker asked why she thinks law enforcement agencies would put Muslims under surveillance, and she answered it’s because of their counterterrorism efforts.

Tucker kept pressing, however, attempting to get Imani to admit the reason Muslims come under such scrutiny to begin with. She finally confessed that “There are acts of terror committed in the name of Allah,” but hedged her admission by stating that she believes Muslims are being unfairly targeted by the government.

Tucker argued that other religious groups like the Amish and Hasidic Jews aren’t the targets of counterterrorism efforts because, by and large, they don’t commit terror attacks.

He said it’s a fact that many human beings have been killed recently in the name of Islam, even if many Muslims say radical Islam is a perversion of their religion.

“This is a real thing,” Tucker said. “And I don’t understand why groups like yours won’t acknowledge the reality of that, because it is there, it’s true.”

Of course it’s true, and the refusal to acknowledge it only makes things worse for peaceful, non-radicalized Muslims since they’re being conflated with their evil counterparts, making it almost impossible to distinguish between the two. In any war – and that’s what we’re in, a war against an evil ideology – the first step to winning is identifying your enemy so you can destroy it, but unfortunately many on the left are refusing to do exactly that.

Sadly, we see the effects of their willful ignorance seemingly once a week, when a radical Muslim attacks our peaceful societies.



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