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Actress Says She’ll Support Any GOP Candidate But ONE, Then Look What Happened

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Patricia Heaton is one of the few outspoken conservatives in Hollywood, and she often uses social media to express her political views. She recently spoke about presidential politics and told her fans she’d get behind all but on potential GOP nominee, and she received a rather interesting response.

Heaton rose to fame playing Debra Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond, and has since been seen in several movies and other sitcoms. Now she stars on The Middle, another television sitcom, and when she’s not getting the attention of her show’s fans on air, she’s drawing attention to herself on Twitter, and it’s not exactly positive.

On Monday, Heaton, who serves as honorary chairwoman for Feminists for Life, an anti-abortion group, told her 324,000 followers that she’s definitely going to be voting Republican, but there’s one candidate she can’t support.

The “he” that the 57-year-old is referring to is none other than GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, and while some of her followers agreed, many of them weren’t too pleased about her announcement.

You get the idea. Regardless, it’s insane that people put so much stock in what celebrities, who spend almost all of their time pretending to be someone else, have to say about politics as a whole.

But either way, not supporting the eventual nominee, whoever it may be, is surely the best way to hand the White House back over to the Democrats. Even if we all disagree on who should be the GOP’s pick, I’m sure we can all agree that whoever it is would be far better than Sanders or Clinton, right?



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