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After Cheating to Win Iowa Caucus, Hillary Clinton Got HORRIBLE News In N.H.

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign is in trouble, and by trouble, I mean a lot of trouble. And while I have no love lost for one of the biggest liars in modern politics, her supporters might be troubled by what happened to her after it was revealed she may have cheated in the Iowa primaries.

Apparently, people are quickly catching on to Hillary’s penchant for dishonesty, because the latest polling in New Hampshire shows that her support is fading fast. How fast? Well, The Hill is reporting that Sanders has pulled out to a double-digit lead since Monday, signaling that the antics we saw in Iowa weren’t too popular.

Sanders leads the Democratic presidential front-runner by 33 points among registered Democrats in the University of Massachusetts-Lowell/7 News survey released Wednesday. He takes 63 percent in the Granite State, contrasted with 30 percent for Clinton in results unchanged from the pollsters’ previous survey.

About 81 percent would “definitely” vote for Sanders, versus 75 percent who say the same about Clinton.

Just 19 percent “could change their mind” about the Vermont lawmaker, while 25 percent admitted that may rethink the former secretary of State.

Ouch. But, that’s what happens when a narrow victory is decided by winning six consecutive coin tosses, 90 different precincts “lose” their votes, video appears to capture caucus officials not even tallying votes, and Hillary touting a win before the results were even in.

So while she may be able to claim “victory” in Iowa, it looks like ultimately Hillary is going to be a big loser in New Hampshire, to which I say – oh well, she had it coming. Personally, she can’t disappear off the face of the planet fast enough for me.



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