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After Getting SMOKED By Taylor Swift, Kanye West Gets More HORRIBLE News

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During the Grammy Awards on Monday night, rap “artist” Kanye West was served a tasty helping of vengeance by Taylor Swift, who shot him down after he claimed to be the reason she became famous. As if being publicly humiliated by a little white girl wasn’t already bad for racist Kanye, the bad news just keep pouring in, and this time it’s a case of poetic justice.

Over the weekend, Kanye released his latest album, “The Life of Pablo,” on the artist-owned streaming app, Tidal, after he tweeted out that he wouldn’t allow it to be sold through traditional platforms like iTunes. Tidal requires membership fees from between $9.99 and $19.99, according to TheBlaze, and it gives users access to whatever albums have been released by their favorite artists.

Since Kanye’s album is only available exclusively in Tidal, fans were forced to take a different, albeit illegal, approach to getting their hands on a copy of it, which spells bad news for the loudmouthed idiot. The BBC is reporting that since its release only four days ago, “The Life of Pablo” has been pirated over 500,000 times. Ouch.

More on the pirating from the BBC:

It is currently one of the most popular music downloads on The Pirate Bay.

The new material appears twice in the controversial file-sharing site’s top 10 music downloads, despite Kanye West himself tweeting that it would only be available on Tidal.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has also filed nearly 20 takedown requests to Google for websites illegally hosting the material, Torrent Freak reports.

As we previously reported, Kanye announced he’s some $53 million in debt, and he actually begged fans to subscribe to Tidal to help him make some money. Why? Well, he’s a partial owner of the music streaming service after partnering up with rap mogul Jay Z.

Double ouch.

So how much did old Kanye miss out on from people flocking to illegal downloads? Well, if the average membership on Tidal is $14.99, his company lost out on $7,995,000.00.

Guess that’s what happens when the majority of your fan base are a group of entitled brats.



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