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ALERT: Democrats Have TROUBLING Plan To SABOTAGE President Trump’s Speech To Congress

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Congressional Democrats still haven’t gotten over the fact that Donald Trump is the president.

At every turn, they’ve stood in his way of trying to accomplish everything on his agenda, and now they’ve devised a troubling plan to sabotage his planned speech to Congress on Tuesday night, according to Paul Joseph Watson at InfoWars. The news comes just eight years after Rep. Joe Wilson was publicly shamed into apologizing for yelling “you lie!” to Barack Obama, yet their plans are far worse than a single outburst from one representative.

Check it out:

Rumors are swirling that anti-Trump Democrats will prompt Muslim and immigrant guests to boo and hiss during the President’s speech to Congress tomorrow.

Lawmakers usually get one guest ticket each for presidential addresses and numerous Democrats are reportedly planning to pack the crowd with immigrants (both legal and illegal) as well as Muslims angered by Trump’s travel ban.

According to DC Whispers, “It is rumored some of these guests will boo and hiss the president and that the media is already preparing to highlight those examples in its coverage of the prime-time address.”

Isn’t that just nice? Apparently, they’re not only refusing to support the new president despite eight years of demanding conservatives support Obama, but they’re doubling down on their efforts to undermine his administration.

As Watson noted, the media has been foaming at the mouth to run negative stories against Trump, so they’ll be more than willing accomplices in this ordeal, should Democrats actually follow through with their plans.

Although correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it a national security risk to have illegal invaders of our country so close to the president? It would sure be something if ICE agents were at the ready to remove and deport them.

It would be even better if those who brought them were brought up on charges associated with doing so. After all, nobody’s supposed to be above the law, so what better way to show it than to crack down on the seditious actions of Democrats?



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