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ALERT: Judge Napolitano BEGS Americans To WAKE UP Over New Law Congress Is Debating

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Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on Fox News on Tuesday and delivered a dire warning to Americans while begging them to “wake up” over a new law currently moving through Congress.

Ever since 9/11, the assault on our civil liberties hasn’t stopped, and with each new law passed in Congress, a little more of our freedom is stripped away. It’s because of this that Napolitano is warning Americans about what’s arguably the most significant chunk of liberty that we could be stripped of in American history.

This week, Congress is considering a law that would give the FBI uninhibited access to anybody, and everybody’s Internet activity, and they wouldn’t need a warrant for it either, InfoWars reported.

Speaking with hos Shepard Smith on Shepard Smith Reporting, judicial analyst Napolitano discussed the draconian measure and likened it to being a major step towards a “police state,” and he spot on with his assessment. Arguing that the law is a clear violation of our Fourth Amendment rights, Napolitano said Congress is continuing its “decades-old assault” on our rights, and said that the American people shouldn’t give up their liberty to make the FBI’s job easier since the Constitution was created to put up roadblocks so that we remain free people.

“The whole purpose of the fourth amendment was to prevent this sort of fishing net operation where they just throw a net out there and see what comes in,” said Napolitano. “It was to force the government to focus on bad people, on people as to whom there is a suspicion. That is why the fourth amendment requires probable cause.”

Smith suggested that the bill doesn’t stand a chance because it’s clearly un-Constitutional, but the judge disagreed.

“This law will pass because Congress doesn’t give a damn about what is Constitutional,” he said.

If it does pass, Internet service providers will not only be banned from telling their customers if the FBI is checking in on their activity, but there will be criminal punishments if they do. Napolitano argued that this provision violates the First Amendment rights of businesses because it prohibits speech.

“The American people should wake up,” said Napolitano. “This is a major step toward a police state.”

Napolitano remarked that FBI Director James Comey said that he supports the law because Constitutional requirements can at times encumber investigations and make the FBI’s job harder, which is an argument that the judge rebuked in its entirety.

“Guess what,” he said. “The Constitution is intentionally a pain in the neck so that law enforcement will not run roughshod over our civil liberties.”

Napolitano also said that it doesn’t seem to matter who’s in the White House, the assault on our liberty doesn’t end, and our leaders constantly try to convince us to give up essential liberties for the feeling of security. In closing, the judge asked a poignant question to the country that’s reflective of just how disengaged everyone has become.

“This is a major step toward a police state … Who, or what, will keep our liberties safe?”

An excellent question, indeed. Too many people have blind faith in our elected representatives to act in our best interests, when the truth in the matter is our best interests are the last thing on their minds, since it’s in our best interest to uphold and defend the Constitution – a task they fall far short of, at best.

Napolitano is right, people do need to wake up before the Orwellian nightmare we all fear is implemented right under our noses because nobody’s paying attention. Some say it could never happen, but as we stray further away from our Constitutional principles, the possibility of it happening becomes more likely by the day, as the law mentioned above shows.



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