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ALERT: Obama Bucks Congress To Give Out Pell Grants, Guess Who They’re For

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Apparently Barack “no man is above the law” Obama is planning on skirting the authority of Congress yet again in order to give out Pell grants to a certain segment of the population, and it’s likely people you wouldn’t agree with.

Mad World News reported that Obama said during a speech in Ethiopia that he couldn’t run for a third term as president because the Constitution wouldn’t allow him to. “The law is the law,” he said. “And no one person is above the law, not even the president.”

Well, apparently he’s not willing to put his money where his mouth is, but we all knew that already. The Washington Free Beacon is reporting that the Obama administration intends to do an end-around on a decades-old law passed by Democrats and signed by then-president Bill Clinton that forbid the government from giving college grants to prisoners.

The move is expected to come Friday, and will cost U.S. taxpayers far more than the $34 million annually it cost back in 1993, when the program was originally terminated. The reason for the increase is that the prison population has nearly doubled since then, thanks to lame-brain liberal ideas.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the move is a part of a larger initiative from King Barry to overhaul the justice system, and will make the grants available to thousands of current inmates. Administration officials will bypass the authority of Congress by using a “provision of the Higher Education Act that gives the Education Department the authority to temporarily waive rules.”

Isn’t that nice? Yet again, Obama skirts Congress, which in turn is skirting the will of the people, in order to press forward a controversial agenda. This is what dictators do, and it’s evident that in the home stretch of his tenure that he cares not what the American people want, but only about his “legacy” and pushing his agenda on us in any way possible.

Although I do have to say, if there is a silver lining to this is that he’s not giving such grants to illegals… Yet. Maybe I should keep my mouth shut before he gets any bright ideas.




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