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ALERT: Picture Captures Obama’s SECRET Guest IMMEDIATELY After SCOTUS Pick, It’s TROUBLE

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From the White House Rose Garden on Wednesday morning, Barack Obama announced that he was going to be nominating “moderate” Judge Merrick Garland to replace esteemed Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court, and the person seen entering the White House immediately after spells trouble.

Being an election year, it’s already going to be difficult for Obama to get anyone nominated. However, knowing Garland’s position on the Second Amendment makes it all but impossible for conservatives to get behind him to fill the vacancy.

While Garland’s stance on our gun rights has been widely documented after 19 years of sitting on a federal court, his positions on social issues still remain somewhat unclear. His positions on such issues will undoubtedly shape the direction of our nation, should he get the nomination, which means it’s more important than ever that the vacancy on the Supreme Court is filled with the right candidate.

Perhaps the seemingly special guest entering the White House after Obama’s press conference may offer some insight into how he’s going to decide such issues. A photo snapped from outside of the building shows her quietly entering the very same area where Garland and Obama were presumably unwinding after the press conference – the West Wing.

That’s Cecil Richards. The very Cecil Richards who heads the abortion mill known as Planned Parenthood and is a staunch advocate of abortions on-demand and allowing babies to be butchered so their body parts can be sold off.

Why was she entering the West Wing immediately after Obama announced his pick for SCOTUS?

We’ll likely never know the exact reason, but if one were to speculate, it would be because she was meeting with the two men for reassurance that abortions on-demand wouldn’t stop with his confirmation to the Court.

If such speculation is true, then it’s more important than ever to keep pressure on your Senators to ensure that Garland’s confirmation is blocked. We’ve all seen the horrible things happening at Planned Parenthood, and the last thing we need is another ally for the organization sitting on our highest court.

[H/T: LifeNews]



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