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‘Miss Piggy’s’ ENTIRE Attack On Trump Just IMPLODED… Check Out ‘Fat Shaming’ Video From 1997

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In a move that reeks of desperation, Hillary Clinton rolled out a beauty queen from 20 years ago that claims Donald Trump was mean and abusive toward her, but a newly surfaced video completely destroys her claims.

Alicia Machado claims that Trump “fat shamed” her and called her “Miss Piggy” after gaining weight as a contestant in the Miss Universe pageant, but the video shows something else entirely. In fact, it shows Trump mocking his own appearance while complimenting the smiling Venezuelan beauty queen, who seems perfectly fine with everything he’s saying.

Check it out:

“I work out on occasion,” Trump says to reporters at a gym in the video from 1997. “As little as possible,” the brash billionaire added.

“I don’t think Alicia needs much advice,” he said as he recalled meeting her the previous year. “I felt that Alicia was one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.”

Trump then defended Machado gaining weight by likening her to himself, who likes to eat when he’s under pressure.

“She had tremendous pressure put on her with the win. And some people when they have pressure don’t eat, and some people when they have pressure eat too much, like me, like Alicia,” he said.

Trump then turned to the reporters in the room and commented on their weight, to which he received an approving thumbs up from Machado.

Judging by the video, it would appear as if Machado didn’t exactly have the “traumatizing” experience she claims to have had with Trump, who went out of his way to make her feel comfortable about the situation. Once again, it appears as if Hillary’s campaign has been caught in another lie as it desperately tried to torpedo Trump’s chance at the White House.

Social media users agree:

Indeed. Perhaps if they actually had policy issues to stand on, things like this wouldn’t be necessary.



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