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BREAKING: America OUTRAGED After Learning WHO Helped Kasich Win Ohio Primary

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On Tuesday night, voters took to the polls in five different states to vote for who should get their delegates, and John Kasich won in Ohio by a decent margin over GOP front-runner Donald Trump. However, while it was his home state and he was expected to win it, people are not happy after learning who helped him achieve victory.

There’s quite a few names that will make the hair on the back of a patriot’s neck stand up; however, nobody does it quite like George Soros, the liberal globalist who’s been buying American elections for decades. His name is poison to conservative politics, and receiving money from him is basically the kiss of death for a candidate, which is likely why Kasich has been quiet about doing so.

Yeah, a Breitbart report revealed that one of the largest donors to the Ohio governor’s campaign is none other than a Soros-funded group called Soros Fund Management. Perhaps that’s why he advocates for amnesty, favors Common Core, and leans pretty far left for a conservative, no?

Check it out, via Breitbart:

BREAKING: America OUTRAGED After Learning WHO Helped Kasich Win Ohio Primary
(Image credit: Breitbart)

George Soros–a liberal progressive donor– has been a top funder of the push to open America’s borders. According to a 2013 CNS News report, “Soros’s Open Society Foundation proudly claimed to have given $100 million dollars to ‘immigrant rights‘ projects in the United States.” According to the report, those that have been the beneficiaries of that $100 million include La Raza (Soros funding $2.4 million), the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (Soros funding $1.6 million), as well as Amnesty International (Soros funding $844,088) and Immigration Equality (Soros funding: $301,667).

In addition, Soros has been financially linked to the National Immigration Forum—the group behind the “Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT). As Breitbart reported in 2013, the Evangelical Immigration Table “is actually a front group for players on the institutional left including billionaire George Soros… EIT is running a $250,000 advertising campaign in favor of the Senate’s “Gang of Eight” immigration bill.”

After learning the news that Soros was a big time donor for Kasich, people really weren’t happy. Check out some reactions on Twitter:

That’s as valid of a question as any, and after learning what Soros backs with his other ventures, may very well be the case.

Perhaps this is why Kasich has made some utterly outrageous statements on immigration, such as enforcing our laws and deporting illegals is “inhumane.” He also made a pledge to enact amnesty within the first 100 days of his presidency, should he go on to win the general election, which would be the largest amnesty in history.

In other words, a vote for Kasich is as good as a vote for Barack Obama’s current amnesty plan. So good job, Ohio. However, Soros’ involvement in American politics doesn’t end with the border.

Soros funds the liberal group, which was responsible for organizing the protests against Trump in Chicago on Friday, according to the Washington Times. Soros also heavily funded the Ferguson protests, duping millions of dollars into front groups that found “grassroots” activists to protest perceived injustices.

“Mr. Soros gave at least $33 million in one year to support already-established groups that emboldened the grass-roots, on-the-ground activists in Ferguson, according to the most recent tax filings of his nonprofit Open Society Foundations,” reported the Washington Times in January 2015.

Again, good job, Ohio. It looks like you’ve been duped by your own governor into voting for bleeding heart policies.



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