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America Needs To Do Some Soul Searching After Reading The Benghazi Report

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So, the headlines on Fox News this morning read something like “Benghazi Report Finds Major Mistakes Made By The White House,” and I’m kinda looking at it and thinking to myself, mistakes? What mistakes? Mistakes are made by accident, and everything revealed in the report showed willful intent.

Let’s recap:

– During the attack, members of the administration gathered to talk about what was happening, but rather than deal with the situation in Libya, they chose to discuss an Internet video that not a single shred of intelligence even mentioned at the time. In fact, emails were being sent about Ben Rhodes, Obama’s propagandist-in-chief, being concerned about the optics of the attack and wondering about how to spin it as Americans were under heavy fire from a terrorist group.

– Military assets were nearby, and there was actually an order to send them in to get our people. However, someone at the meeting of administration officials, where Hillary Clinton was the highest ranking, overrode the order and instead chose to let the heroes on the ground who defied orders fight it out without help.

– It wasn’t even Americans who saved the survivors. It was Libyan militia who worked for Ghaddafi prior to Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy moving to oust him. Americans never went into the area to save our own, because they were prevented by administration officials, who were more concerned about what outfits our soldiers were going to wear on their rescue mission – as to not offend the Libyans – than they were actually rescuing our people under fire.

– In the months leading up to the attack, there were hundreds of requests for more security – requests that were repeatedly denied. They were denied for political reasons and the fact that increasing security would mean admitting that foreign policy in the nation was a failure.

The above findings from the report ended in four people – an American ambassador, one of his staff, and two brave soldiers who defied orders to save their fellow countrymen – losing their lives in a horrific terrorist attack. These decisions weren’t made unintentionally, or without knowledge that people’s lives may be in danger, they were made with intent, and the intent was to put political aspirations above the lives of our own people. An election loomed and Hillary Clinton was concerned about her foreign policy legacy, so she and this administration chose the route of letting things play out then playing cover up rather than forcefully deal with the fact our consulate was under attack and deal with the political fallout after.

In other words, these weren’t mistakes, those men were sacrificed, and they were sacrificed for the worst possible reason – personal gain.

Here’s something to ponder; the burden of proof for criminally negligent homicide focuses on whether or not the accused should have known the risks associated with making a decision that resulted in someone’s death. For example, driving 55 through a 25MPH school zone and killing a child results in a criminally negligent homicide charge because you should know better than to speed through that area. Accidentally shooting someone then refusing to call paramedics resulting in the victim dying would get you the same charge because you should have known to call for help. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol then doing something that gets someone killed will get you charged with negligent homicide. In every case you took a known risk that ended in people dying.

Knowing this, if you or I knew that someone was about to be killed, and not only did we ignore their cries for help, but even willfully acted against the interests of their safety in order to preserve, say, our own jobs, we would be hit with criminally negligent homicide charges in an instant. Here’s the thing, Hillary Clinton and Obama did exactly that. They knew people were about to die, they knew that they needed help, they knew that if help didn’t get there they faced a horrific fate, and they knew that inaction was the worst possible route to take, but what did they do?

Absolutely nothing at all. Nothing. In fact, they discussed how they were going to spin the attack after it was over rather than do what it took to end it and save Americans’ lives. Ambassador Stevens was a “close friend” of Hillary’s, by her own admission, yet she let him die to save her own legacy. This would land you or I in prison for a decade or longer, but here we are with Hillary running for president and Obama still sitting in the White House. It’s madness. Pure madness.

Although while the burden of proof for criminally negligent homicide appears to be met, unfortunately government officials can’t be held criminally liable for actions taken while carrying out official duties, which seriously blows. Although they can be removed from office or forbidden from running, neither of which has happened yet, thanks to a spineless Congress and co-conspirators in the Democrat Party. However, I wonder if the families could bring a civil suit against Clinton personally for what happened? That would be great to see. But I digress.

The entire point I’m trying to make is that Hillary and Obama willfully made decisions that led to the deaths of four Americans, one of which she claimed was a close friend of hers, and the other three far better Americans than Obama and Hillary ever dreamed of being. They knew people were going to die and they let them die to advance their agenda, ensure re-election, and not have a stain on a foreign policy legacy. It was absolutely disgusting, and it shows the exact kind of people both of them are.

With that in mind, do you really think that Hillary is seriously going to fight for the American people if she gets into office? She’s already shown that her ambitions trump the lives of even her friends, and she doesn’t know a single one of us, so where do you think we rank on her priorities list? Plus, she’s already shown that when put in a tough position, she’s going to make decisions based upon optics rather than the best way to solve the problem, and she’s already shown that her priority isn’t the safety of America or its people, but instead the narrative that can be told following a terrible incident.

She puts optics before action, and as we saw, it endangers everyone involved. That’s the same kind of recklessness she’ll lead the country with if she gets in office, and all one has to do is look at her record for proof. But that’s the thing, you actually have to look, and if you do, you’ll be amazed at the malfeasance she’s committed over the years.

Is that someone you want running this country, or would you rather have someone who’s going to put America first and worry about the fallout after? Do you want someone who’s willing to allow their own career to be tarnished if it means doing what it takes to save Americans’ lives, or someone who sacrifices others for their own political gain? That’s for you to decide; however, I wouldn’t let this sociopath into my house, let alone elect her into the highest office in our nation.

In America, we put our people first, regardless of how inconvenient it may be or who gets upset that we do. Hillary puts everything other than our country and its people first, and for that fact alone, she shouldn’t be anywhere near the White House. Sorry, but you can’t sit there and say you’re fighting for the “everyday American” when you let four “everyday Americans” die a horrible death at the hands of terrorists without lifting a finger, and that’s exactly what she did while refusing to own it. In fact, she said it’s “time to move on” from the incident, as if four dead Americans and their families aren’t a big deal.

Then again, she is the one who asked, “at this point, what difference does it make?” when being questioned about the attacks. So to her I’ll say this – for those of us who love our country, its people, and want the best for both, it makes a huge difference. Now let’s just hope it means as much to others as it does us.



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