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Anyone Catch What The American Music Awards Did To Melania? She Does NOT Deserve This!

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When liberals thought Hillary Clinton was going to win it was “love trumps hate,” but after her upset loss we’re really seeing that hate trumps love.

Such was the case last night during the American Music Awards, where future First Lady Melania Trump was mercilessly mocked by liberal snot Gigi Hadid, an alleged supermodel who hasn’t anywhere near the class or beauty of Melania. She and Jay Pharaoh, a comedian that’s not exactly funny, hosted the awards show and gave us a glimpse into what the next four years are going to be like.

More from BizPac Review:

Donald Trump gave up his day job for this? The honeymoon normally afforded incoming presidents isn’t just over — it never began.

That was made clear Sunday night at the American Music Awards co-hosted by Gigi Hadid and Jay Pharoah, who kicked off the show by making fun of the president-elect and his first lady.

Supermodel Hadid, gave a mocking impression of Melania Trump, complete with an over-the-top Eastern European accent. There was also a reference to prior allegations that Melania had pilfered parts of a speech made by first lady Michelle Obama by borrowing the first family as her own.

No class whatsoever. Melania did nothing to deserve this kind of racist and intolerant bullying from these unhinged snowflakes, and social media agrees.

Unbelievable. If they want to go after Trump that’s one thing, but Melania should be off limits. She’s done absolutely nothing to be even remotely deserving of such treatment by anyone, let alone an alleged feminist who’s allegedly against bullying, hatred and intolerance – all of which she was guilty of in her little skit.



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