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home Culture, News Americans REVOLT Against ‘Fake News’ CNN, Send Them DIRECT Message They CAN’T Ignore [Video]

Americans REVOLT Against ‘Fake News’ CNN, Send Them DIRECT Message They CAN’T Ignore [Video]

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The American people are fed up with the constant fake news from the liberal media, and on Saturday they decided to send CNN a direct message at their Atlanta headquarters.

Breitbart News reported that hundreds of protesters swarmed outside of the networks building to draw attention to their bias and send a clear message they’re tired of the constant attacks against the duly elected President. Protesters also said they wanted to call CNN out for targeting American citizens, such as the creator of the now-infamous meme in which President Trump wrestles a CNN logo.

From Breitbart:

With signs reading “FNN #FakeNewsNetwork” and others targeting the networks’ advertisers such as AT&T and Microsoft, protesters chanted “CNN fake news!” directly in front of the CNN Centers’ signature logo.

Protesters told Breitbart News that the rally against CNN was an effort to call out the media corporation for its unbalanced coverage of the Trump administration and its targeting of Americans, most specifically the creator of the anti-CNN wrestling match meme that the President tweeted out.

“We are standing up and fighting back against the real damage that CNN is doing to this country today,” Brian Maloney with the Media Equalizer told Breitbart News. “There are real victims of their smear campaigns … they have an entire team of smear merchants employed for the express purpose of deny this current President any appointees or nominees whatsoever.”

“[Americans’] lives are being destroyed when they are unfairly smeared and targeted, falsely accused of plagiarism, and everything else that has been going on,” Maloney said.

Local radio host Brian Crabtree also joined in the protest, accusing CNN of “destroying” American culture and filling unsuspecting Americans’ heads with “fake innuendo” and “bad information.”

“They’re destroying our culture,” Crabtree said. “They’re taking people who consume five to ten minutes of news a day, the average American citizen, they’re filling them full of fake news, fake innuendos, bad information, leading them to a conclusion that this President is something that he’s not.”

It’s no secret that Americans are fed up with the likes of CNN, which has ratings so low it’s being beaten out by reruns of Nick at Night. In fact, the network has fallen to the 13th position overall on the list of cable channels watched by the country.

You’d think they’d have learned their lesson by now.



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