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Amid Rape CRISIS, Sweden Makes SICK Move Against Victims Of ‘Refugee’ Rapes… Feminists SILENT

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Sweden is currently in the middle of a self-inflicted crisis which has seen its rate of sexual assault explode amidst the nation opening its borders to so-called “refugees,” and now the government just took things a step further.

Sweden was once a beautiful Scandinavian nation, but thanks to its entry into the European Union, it more closely resembles a third-world hellhole with skyrocketing crime rates and the inability to keep its people safe. One would think that the government would learn from its mistakes and start taking better care of its own, but you’d be wrong…dead wrong.

In fact, Swedish leaders appear to be doing just the opposite as they just ordered a health clinic in Stockholm to stop treating the victims of rape. You seriously won’t believe the reason why.

Paul Joseph Watson from InfoWars has more on this utterly astonishing development:

After 10 years of helping rape victims, the Stockholm Crisis and Trauma Center “will now only devote itself to patients with war and torture trauma,” reports SVT.

Authorities in Stockholm claim their agreement with the clinic does not cover rape victims and the focus will now be moved to treating migrants with “psychological problems are associated with torture or severe trauma from war,” despite the fact that the majority of migrants pouring into Sweden are not arriving from war-torn countries.

According to Maria Hägerstrand, Unit Manager for Psychiatry in Stockholm County Council, “This is a group that is now expanding with the major migration flows that exist and we want them to be able to help even more in that group in the future.”

The clinic helps around 200 rape victims annually, with around 140 of these being women. All of them will now have to find somewhere else to receive support.

Isn’t that something? I guess they don’t call it Stockholm Syndrome for nothing, eh?

Embedded in this atrocious story is a horrible irony; if it weren’t for the explosion in immigration, there wouldn’t be such a need to treat so many rape victims. Since 2012, sex crimes in the country have more than doubled, earning Sweden the nickname of the “rape capital of the world,” thanks to migrants being 5.5 times more likely to commit a sexual assault.

However, it appears as if Sweden’s leaders care not about the actual health and wellbeing of their own citizens, but instead the feelings and emotional state of people who aren’t even supposed to be there to begin with.

As they say, liberalism is a mental disorder, and unfortunately for the Swedes, it seems to have overtaken their entire nation.

Below is a video outlining the issues Sweden faces. Be glad that Hillary Clinton didn’t win the election, or this is how our nation would look in no time.



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