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home Culture, News JUST IN: Americans BOYCOTT After MAJOR Company Releases RACIST Ad Attacking WHITE PEOPLE

JUST IN: Americans BOYCOTT After MAJOR Company Releases RACIST Ad Attacking WHITE PEOPLE

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For some reason, it’s become socially acceptable to paint all white people with a broad brush, as if we’re all born racists, and now even major companies are partaking in the horribly offensive exercise.

Many of you have heard of Proctor & Gamble, the household products company that brought us things like the Swiffer, Febreeze, Cascade, Mr. Clean, Tide, Downy, and numerous other cleaning products, and after seeing their latest ad you’ll probably join the growing number of people boycotting them.

According to BizPac Review, Proctor & Gamble produced an ad that only featured black families titled “The Talk,” and boy is it enough to get your blood boiling. It shows parents victimizing themselves and their children, acting as if all white people are racist and the system is stacked against them, while cautioning they need to fear every cop on the planet.

Yeah, it’s a social justice warrior’s dream come true.

More from BizPac:

One of the scenes shows a black mother, who appears to be from the 1940s or 1950s, holding a white doll and telling her mother that a woman at the store told her she was pretty for a black girl.

“That is not a compliment,” the mother said. “You are beautiful, period. OK?”

In the next scene a mother talks to her son, presumably about the N word, a word uttered by more black musicians than white people these days.

“It’s an ugly nasty word and you are gonna hear it. Nothing I can do about that,” she said.

A subsequent scene shows a mother during a bygone era telling her daughter headed to camp that she can do anything “they” can do.

“The difference is you gotta work twice as hard and be twice as smart,” she said.

In another scene a mother from current times tells her daughter what to do “when you get pulled over,” as if it is guaranteed to happen.

When the daughter explains that she is a good driver, the mother reinforces negative stereotypes of police officers by telling her “This is not about you getting a ticket. This is about you not coming home.”

Apparently, the ad is a part of the company’s “My Black is Beautiful” campaign, which is racist in and of itself. Proctor & Gamble started the hashtag #TalkAboutBias to promote their ad and campaign, and boy did people show their disgust.

“These real-life conversations about conscious and unconscious bias are too common in homes across the country and weigh heavily on parents and children of many different backgrounds. We take seriously the opportunity to spark dialogue on what we all can do to put an end to the harmful effects of bias, and motivate true change,” the company’s director of global company communications Damon Jones said in a statement.

All of those are very good observations.

Black conservative Anthony Brian Logan lashed out against Proctor & Gamble, and his commentary was spot on:

At least someone has the balls to say it. It’s tiring hearing how bad white people are all the time, especially when the vast majority of us have done absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever.

I don’t know about you, but Proctor & Gamble isn’t getting another cent of my money.



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