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CNN Anchor MORTIFIED After Interview With Trump’s Butler Takes UNEXPECTED Turn

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CNN reporter Carol Costello was interviewing Donald Trump’s former butler about the candidate’s life while he was working in Trump’s home. But things soon took an unexpected turn, and it left Costello mortified at what she was hearing.

As we all know, the liberal media has been relentlessly trying to dig up dirt on Trump to smear his character, but in almost every instance, it backfires big time. Such is the case when Costello interviewed Tony Senecal, who was Trump’s butler for over 20 years, and she received an unexpected, and seemingly unwelcomed, response after asking if there’s anything The Donald’s supporters should know about him.

Check out the segment below:

“Can you tell my viewers something about Donald Trump that they don’t realize?” Costello probed.

“Yeah, I tell ya, first of all, he’s an incredibly generous person,” Senecal answered. “He’s been generous to his employees. He’s generous to strangers. He’s an entirely nice guy. He’s not the great, gruff person that people play him out to be.”

Senecal asserted that Trump isn’t going to lie down when he’s attacked, but people shouldn’t take it as him being a mean person.

“Most of the time he’s just a nice man,” said Senecal.

Costello, obviously disturbed at the direction her attempted hit piece was headed, attempted to cut off Senecal by saying, “Alright, I have to let you…”

“I mean, I lasted with him for 20 years,” interrupted Senecal. “He had to be pretty good.”




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