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According To Liberals, ‘Angel Moms’ Need To Sit Down And Shut Up… Because Hate, Or Something

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Last night, Donald Trump had the parents of children killed by illegal aliens on the stage to make a point that such deaths are preventable if we secure our border, and the left is having an absolute meltdown over it. But beyond the reactions from those obviously suffering from mental illness, we need to look at the implications of their reactions on the upcoming elections.

While many in the nation viewed the speech as a positive step in securing the border, unhinged leftists had a completely different reaction, and it should terrify everyone already worried about our nation going down the wrong path. You see, to them the “Angel Moms” aren’t allowed to have a voice because their voice speaks in direct opposition to their open borders ideology, but rather than simply disagree and move on, they chose to denigrate the grieving parents in the worst manner possible.

Check it out:

That’s merely a sampling as well. Some of the tweets were so disgusting and dehumanizing I didn’t want to give publicity to those who sent them.

But as you can see, wanting illegal immigrants and their crime reduced, wanting secure borders and increased national security, and paying respect to the mothers of murder victims is no longer allowed. Why? Because according to our mentally deficient friends on the left, doing such things is now hateful.

Meanwhile, check out some of the movements on the left that advocate for stripping peaceful Americans of their God-given rights while glorifying the criminal elements of our country.

Below is the #NotOneMore hashtag, which speaks out against so-called “gun violence”:

They’re heaped with praise despite actively fighting against our Constitutional rights.

Now let’s check out the #MothersOfTheMovement.

Again, they’re heaped with praise despite the fact that the majority of their children broke the law prior to being shot and killed by police. Meanwhile, innocent families of those murdered by illegal aliens are treated like second-class citizens who aren’t allowed to voice their opinions.

So why do I bring all of this up? It’s simple, really.

We’re nearing what could be the last battle of the culture war, and this might very well be our last stand as conservatives. The above tweets are merely a symptom of a much larger issue, and if we’re not able to correct the anti-American sentiment in our nation before it spreads too far, we may lose our nation, as we know it, for good.

This election is the Waterloo for patriotic Americans. What happens will have a massive impact on the course of history, and depending on the results it could mean the end of the greatest nation that ever existed as the left would continue to destroy that which made it great.

The people above are Hillary’s solid base. They’re the ones who care not about laws but only about their activism and the best means to accomplish their goals, even if it means electing a career criminal who would do everything in her power to continue Obama’s legacy of the destruction of America as we know it.

These are the people that Hillary and the Democrats pander to for votes. They’re the ones that drive the policy decisions made by the Democrat Party. They’re the far-left fringe that Hillary embraced after Bernie Sanders showed their potential, and they’re the reason we should all be terrified of a Hillary Clinton presidency since she’s given no indication she has any intention of moving to the center anytime soon as was evidenced by the anti-American antics at the DNC Convention, where the above groups were given a national platform to espouse their vitriolic views.

Don’t believe me? Here’s what she tweeted in response to Trump’s speech:

The fact that Hillary even gives these kind of groups legitimacy shows that she’s at the very least sympathetic to their causes and at worse she’s actually a believer in them. Should she be elected, we have every reason to believe the people she appoints to government positions, federal courts, and most importantly the Supreme Court, will all be sympathetic to the cultural Marxists working to destroy our nation from within. A look at the Obama administration and his appointments to numerous positions is all the evidence we need.

On the other hand, we have a businessman who’s promising a better future for every American. He’s looking past the tired identity politics of the left and embracing solutions that would equally benefit everyone in the country by bringing back jobs, securing our border, drafting a foreign policy that puts America first, and renegotiating the horrible trade deals that suck the life out of our economy.

His nationalist push is the exact prescription to cure America’s economic atrophy that’s all but destroyed the middle class while allowing America’s richest to continue to amass great amounts of wealth. His patriotism and pride in our country is exactly what’s needed to re-ignite the deflated American spirit, and his grandiose nature is exactly what’s been awakening Americans from apathy and making them realize that political correctness is merely used to cover up deeply-rooted corruption in government.

Yes, this election is undoubtedly one of the most important elections any of us will participate in throughout our lifetimes. We can either vote to preserve America and all of her greatness by electing a President Trump, or we can allow the Marxist left to deliver our death knell and relegate America to the dustbin of history as the greatest experiment that’s ever failed, due to apathy from its people and the willingness of a segment of its society to overlook corruption, greed, and malfeasance if it means putting people with shared ideologies in power.

Indeed. If you’ve never voted in your life, there’s never been a better time. If you’ve been voting all of your life, now is not the time to sit out an election. And if you’re someone who feels as if their vote doesn’t count, vote anyway.

If there’s one thing that’s for certain, the Democrats are going to use every trick in the book to get as many votes possible. Our only chance is turning out en-masse and praying we can counter whatever it is they have up their sleeve, for if we don’t and we do end up losing this election, we may never be presented with the opportunity to fix our nation ever again.



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