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Angry Atheists Demand ‘God Bless America’ Sign Come Down, Town Has EPIC Response

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The angry atheists of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) are known for sticking their noses where they don’t belong, and such is the case in a Kansas town. The group demanded that the Post Office remove a “God Bless America” sign, and what happened next stunned the entire town.

The series of events unfolded in Pittsburg, a quaint Kansas town full of good Christian people, and was sparked when the FFRF came to town demanding that the Post Office remove its banner because it violated the separation of church and state. But according to the Morning Sun, residents weren’t too happy about the idea, and one local business had the perfect response – print off over a thousand yard signs bearing the same message.

Angry Atheists Demand ‘God Bless America’ Sign Come Down, Town Has EPIC Response

You see, the FFRF, as it does in most every such instance, claimed that an “unidentified” resident called them for help to get the sign to come down. For those unfamiliar with the group, it always seems to find the one “unidentified” resident wherever anything God-related is seen on a public building, then proceeds to threaten legal action and bully the townspeople into submission, even though the group has no affiliation with the city or town they’re working in.

However, the people of Pittsburg weren’t about to go down without a fight. Shortly after the FFRF successfully had the banner removed from the Post Office, the owner of Jake’s Fireworks went to a local printing shop and had 1,200 yard signs reading “God Bless America” printed off, then handed them out to residents. He also had an additional 300 similar banners made.

“Obviously, we’re among the majority that didn’t agree with the decision to take the sign down (at the post office),” said Jason Marietta, retail sales director.

How successful was their campaign? Well, they started handing out signs and banners at 11:00 a.m., and just 45 minutes later they were gone. How cool is that? The Morning Sun said that cars were stretched over two blocks, and Marietta along with other Jake’s employees greeted drivers and directed traffic.

“Thanks for doing this,” one driver yelled out. Marietta responded, “Thank you for coming.”

Marietta said they weren’t stopping with the 1,500 signs either. They already contacted the printing company to have more done to meet the demands of local townspeople.

“It’s amazing,” Marietta said.

As for how the angry anti-theists feel about the town’s overwhelmingly incredible response?

“We have no problem whatsoever with private individuals displaying whatever they want including ‘God Bless America’ on their personal property,” said Madeline Ziegler, legal fellow for the FFRF, who was trying to downplay what happened. “That’s exactly the perfect place for religious sentiments.”

All across America, small towns and cities are being victimized by the anti-theists, who use bullying tactics to get what they want, so it’s great to see a town stand up for what it believes in while giving a much-needed poke in the eye to the angry atheists.




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