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SHOTS FIRED: Anonymous Declared WAR On Hillary Clinton, New Video Could SINK Campaign

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America’s favorite hacktivists are at it again, and this time they have Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in their sights. They declared war against her, and a new video they released has the potential to torpedo her already weak campaign.

On April 9, the collective group of hackers released a video warning Clinton that she should “expect us” in the near future, and they’ve apparently made good on their promise. On Tuesday of last week, Anonymous released another 25-minute video detailing Clinton’s sordid past, which exposes her history of lies, deceit, and corruption while serving in public office.

While it may be a little lengthy, the video is a must-watch for anyone who might consider voting for her, and it reinforces what many of us have known for a long time – Hillary cannot be trusted with the highest office in our nation.

Check it out:

As you can see, such a video as the potential of derailing her campaign, especially if those on the fence about whether or not to cast a vote for her see it in large numbers, since it brings numerous skeletons from her past to light. To put it mildly, Hillary Clinton is far worse than Obama ever dreamed of being, and with her inherent dishonesty combined with a willingness to pander to absolutely anybody for a vote, she would usher in an era of irresponsibility in government unlike anything our nation has ever seen – and it may just be an era we’re never able to recover from, especially after the eight years we’ve just endured.

Anybody with half of a brain would never vote for her after seeing something like this, so make sure you share it if you too agree that a Clinton presidency would be one of the last nails inn our great nation’s coffin.

Oh, and should you want to watch it, here’s the original video from Anonymous in which they warned Clinton of what’s to come:



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