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VIDEO: Anti-Trump snowflakes Humiliate Themselves After Failing To Answer SIMPLE Question

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The anti-Trump snowflakes have been out in force ever since November, when victory was snatched from their hands by fed up Americans wanting real change, but they seem to have lost focus about why they’re angry.

A video expose from Austin Fletcher revealed that those protesting the President aren’t even aware of why they’re protesting him, and worse yet they haven’t a clue about who President Trump really is. Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars reported that Fletcher spoke with numerous individuals, and while they were full of leftist platitudes they were short on substantive answers regarding important issues.

From InfoWars:

One individual in a Spiderman mask crouching on the floor begins rambling semi-incoherantly, stating, “No Trump says no to racism.”

“Let’s have a color-filled America, a melting pot, like America was supposed to be built on,” he adds.

The man is then asked by Fletcher, “What about the diversity you’re seeing on the Trump side? There’s blacks, Hispanics, gays for Trump, there’s a lot of different people that support Trump?”

“Is there? Wow,” Spiderman blithely responds.

Fletcher then spoke to a woman with an English accent, and she wasn’t much better. In fact, she claimed to see “racism – constantly” but failed to give concrete examples of actual racism occurring.

Spiderman’s response to a similar question left much to be desired. He thinks President Trump is racist for saying “make America white again,” even though the President has never once uttered those words.

He was also unaware that Jesse Jackson gave President Trump an award for being a champion for the black community. But when hit with this inconvenient truth, he muttered something then crawled away, much like his fellow leftists do during online debate.



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