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After His REVOLTING Anti-Trump Supporter Piece, Jamelle Bouie Should Be Arrested

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You want to read an irresponsible piece of leftist hatred unlike any other you’ve ever read? Check this out. It’s from Jamelle Bouie, an alleged intellectual who uses big words to explain his small-minded views. A man who’s incapable of seeing life outside of his ideological lenses, and a man who appears to be inciting violence against people only because of their political views.

Irresponsible doesn’t even begin to describe this anti-American diatribe that seeks to pit us against one another. Reprehensible is more accurate, and terroristic isn’t too far off.

This is the kind of rhetoric we hear from the likes of ISIS as they preach to their followers the great evils of Americans. This is how they get their supporters to strap bombs to their chests and blow themselves up in the name of Allah. This is the very type of unhinged ranting that persuades people to take up a life of terror; it uses broad generalizations, hate mongering, and conjecture to strike fear into people’s hearts, thus causing them to take one of two actions – either lashing out violently or hiding in fear.

Bouie sounds more like Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi than he does an American concerned with our future. His ideological ranting targets the most vulnerable in our society. He exploits their weaknesses to cause fear and panic while framing dissenters as an indefinite threat. His dangerous rhetoric fuels the nation’s divide and pushes us closer to internal conflict.

While Bouie’s editorial stops short of calling for actual violence, it amounts to little more than terrorist propaganda. It shames half of the country as hateful bigots and blames them for events that wouldn’t ever happen in our nation. It highlights irrational fears then lays the responsibility for them at the feet of Trump’s voters, and it paints a grim picture for our future while putting accountability on his voters for every instance of hatred or racism that may occur under his presidency.

With pieces like this, it’s hard not to question the true intentions of Bouie and others like him. It’s so far out there that they either have little regard for the truth or they’re purposefully inciting violence using dangerous and irresponsible diatribe for the sole purpose of stirring the pot. He can’t possibly believe everything he wrote in this, and even if he does he has to know the type of reaction writing it will invoke, being an “intellectual” and all.

The only logical conclusion someone could come to if they read and believed everything that Bouie said is that the only way to fix our nation is to do away with Trump and his voters; that the only way to protect minorities is to rid the country of everyone who didn’t vote for Hillary, and the only way minorities will ever prosper is if Trump supporters are eradicated from America because it blames them for every possible hardship they may face in the next four years. That said, the only logical conclusion for why Bouie would write something like this is to incite violence against Trump and his supporters.

Oddly enough, while condemning Trump for being a demagogue, Bouie became a demagogue himself. He used inflammatory rhetoric to gin up hatred and fear against others simply for the way they voted. He purposefully conflated issues to blur the lines in his favor. He made absurd predictions to tap into the anger so many are feeling, he fear mongered to exploit the weak, and he compared Trump’s voters to the worst of the worst of our society’s past to justify whatever action, violent or otherwise, may be taken against them.

It’s this kind of irresponsible commentary that’s fueling the riots in Oregon, the beatings in Chicago, the shootings in Oakland, the graffiti in Florida, and all the other anti-Trump violence and vandalism across the country. And this is the type of irresponsible commentary that will lead to someone taking a shot at Trump’s life if it doesn’t stop.

I’d say that Bouie should be ashamed for even writing it, but unfortunately shame isn’t something that he or others like him are capable of. So instead I’ll say that while we do have freedom of speech in this country, we do not have the freedom to incite violence, especially if we’re a well-known columnist who appears on TV and many people respect. However, that’s all Bouie seemed to do in this piece and it seems quite intentional, given the current climate in our country.

With that said, I believe the Justice Department under a Trump administration would be well within its rights to investigate and perhaps prosecute those preaching the exact type of hate you’d hear in a radical mosque, including Bouie. After all, while they’re not exactly terrorists, per se, their words are undoubtedly contributing to the growing unrest and increasing violence seen within the anti-Trump demonstrations, and there’s some pretty strict laws against inciting riots, for good reason.

Free speech is one thing. Irresponsibly espousing dangerous and inflammatory rhetoric during an extremely volatile time in our nation is something else, and those doing so should be held fully accountable, in my humble opinion.



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