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Anti-Trump H.S. Teacher Gets Utterly DESTROYED By A Student, This Is AWESOME!!

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A high school teacher adamantly opposed to Donald Trump becoming president used nothing but straw man arguments to defame the candidate’s character, and he ended up getting completely owned by a student about to graduate.

Social studies instructor Nick Gregory at Mt. Pleasant H.S. in Michigan wrote a social justice-themed open letter to the Huffington Post about why he doesn’t want Trump to be elected as president, and yes, it’s as progressive as progressive can be.

“Mr. Trump, at worst your popularity is a cruel reminder that many of our neighbors and friends have xenophobic leanings and a worldview skewed by sexism and bigotry,” Gregory proclaimed. “At best, your entertainment value has clouded the judgment of too many voters.”

“Regardless, for my curious students, you are their first living lesson on the perils of populist racism.”

As you can see, that’s basically the same type of garbage you’d hear from social justice snowflakes on college campuses while crowding around in their safe space. But not taking Gregory’s letter lying down, Mt. Pleasant senior Jacob Kassuba fired back and utterly destroyed Gregory using reason, logic, and facts, and it has patriots cheering knowing that there’s still some sensible kids out there.

Here’s what he wrote:

Mr. Gregory,

I am a high school senior who will be graduating within two weeks.

I find your open letter to Donald Trump to be a disgrace to the American public school system and the millions of voters who have had their voice heard in the caucus/primary events.

If students have concerns about a political figure, it is your duty as a public educator to ease them of their concerns and present both sides to an argument.

Your open letter, however, exemplifies your inability to stay open-minded and portrays how you blatantly push your political opinions towards students.

Please help me understand how taking questions from students about a presidential candidate’s plan to build a wall to help lessen the surge of illegal immigration – that our country has been experiencing for decades – is tough.

A true professional educator would explain how the U.S. government can only estimate how many illegal immigrants are in the country because there’s so many.

A true professional educator would elaborate how it’s completely plausible to have Mexico forcefully pay for the wall by impounding all remittance payments derived from illegal wages, increasing fees on all temporary visas issued to Mexican CEOs and diplomats, increasing fees on all border crossing cards – of which the U.S. issues over 1 million to Mexican nationals each year – and increasing fees at ports of entry from the U.S. to Mexico – not to mention the tariffs and foreign aid cuts!

What is so hard about explaining this?


It probably has to do with you having to look past your bias and provide a non-opinionated answer to your students.

I realize this is very tough.

Give me one example of Mr. Trump saying anything that could be remotely implied as being racist.

I’ll help you out here – you can’t.

In order for Trump to be a bigot, there should be hundreds of examples over his 40 year career, which there’s not.

And it’s comical that a professional educator like you has the complete inability to understand a populist movement that has been dominating the political landscape this entire election cycle.

The entirety of your letter rips on Trump’s antics and nothing on policy. This is a terrible example you’re setting for your students and it speaks a testimony to one of the many reasons why our American public schooling system is failing.

Trump will not flame out. He is here to stay and is more likely now than ever to become the 45th President as he’s set up against one of the weakest Democratic Party candidates in history.

Do not speak for the students of America. Speak for yourself.

The desperate tone of your letter reminds me of a satirical The Onionarticle entitled “This Will Be The End Of Trump’s Campaign, Says Increasingly Nervous Man For Seventh Time This Year.”

Advancing American democracy demands a citizenry that is vigilant and informed. You could not be any more incorrect, Mr. Gregory.

Jacob Kassuba

Boom! Good job, kid.



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