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Army Just Released STUNNING News About Green Beret Who Beat Afghani Child Rapist

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Last year, news headlines lit up over a U.S. Army Green Beret who found and beat an Afghani rapist that preyed upon little boys. The soldier was relieved of his duties, which caused a massive outcry across the country. However, the Army just released some rather stunning news about the incident.

Sgt. 1st Class and Green Beret Charles Martland was discharged from the Army after he allegedly beat up an Afghani military member who repeatedly raped a young boy and beat the child’s mother for attempting to save her son from the assaults. Americans as a whole thought he should have received a medal rather than a discharge, and a petition to save Martland’s job gathered over 340,000 signatures.

At the time, Hollywood actor Harvey Keitel criticized the Army’s move, and he’s since been fighting hard to get the branch to reverse its decision.

Keitel was quoted as saying:

“Whomever owns the idea that decided to reprimand these two men instead of giving them a medal for their actions should be asked what the hell they would’ve done if it was their child in question…”

Apparently, someone in the Army must have thought long and hard about how wrong it was to punish a soldier for doing the right thing – taking care of a disgusting rapist – as it was announced that Martland is getting to keep his job. Fox News reported that late Thursday the Army announced its decision to reverse Martland’s discharge and welcome him back to the branch.

In a stunning reversal, the U.S. Army decided late Thursday to retain a decorated Green Beret it had planned to kick out after he physically confronted a local Afghan commander accused of raping a boy over the course of many days.

Sgt 1st Class Charles Martland, confirmed the Army’s decision to retain him when reached by Fox News, who has been covering the story in depth for the past eight months and first broke the story of the Army’s decision in August to kick out Martland over the incident, which occurred in northern Afghanistan in 2011.

“I am real thankful for being able to continue to serve,” said Martland when reached on the telephone by Fox News. “I appreciate everything Congressman Duncan Hunter and his Chief of Staff, Joe Kasper did for me.”

According to TheBlaze, Kasper and Hunter are glad that the Army came to its senses and reinstated Martland.

“Representative Hunter got the call last night from the acting Army secretary, and he was elated,” Kasper said. “He thanked him for doing the right thing and for putting Charles back in the fight — which is what Charles always wanted. We’ve worked a lot of these types of cases as an office, and this is perhaps the most gratifying outcome of them all. The Army deserves credit here, too. The new leadership team is different than the old, and this decision is proof of that fact.”



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