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BREAKING: Sheriff Joe Just Received A MAJOR Court Ruling On Illegals, Changes Everything

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Last year, a lawsuit was brought against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in regard to raids he was doing on businesses that employed illegal immigrants, and the court issued an injunction forcing him to stop. On Monday there was another hearing on the suit, and the judge’s decision changes everything for Arpaio.

Last year, U.S. District Court Judge David Campbell ruled in favor of the grievance mongers who filed the suit against Arpaio an imposed an injunction on the sheriff that prevented him from conducting anymore raids. The lawsuit argued against state laws that made it a felony for illegal invaders to use stolen identities to obtain employment, and Campbell gave the plaintiffs a big win in his decision, which led to over 200 identity theft-related cases being thrown out of court, according to the Arizona Republic.

Arpaio’s work-site identity-theft enforcement unit has since been disbanded. However, prior to Campbell’s ruling, it was responsible for around 83 operations that yielded over 780 arrests. In other words, it was effective, which is why the “human rights group” Puente Arizona went after him.

Grievance monger Francisca Porchas headed the charge for Puente Arizona, and she argued that the laws in place weren’t about public safety, but instead served as a deportation machine. Because apparently identity-theft is perfectly okay to her, as long as she’s not the victim, of course.

With the assistance of Campbell, Porchas’ argument was holding water, until Monday, that is. Senior District Judge Robert S. Lasnik and Circuit Judges Barry G. Silverman and Richard C. Tallman of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals heard the case, and they disagree with Campbell almost entirely, which led to them overturning his previous injunction.

“These bills were passed, at least in part, in an effort to solve some of Arizona’s problems stemming from illegal immigration,” the opinion stated. “But these bills were also aimed at curbing the growing and well-documented problem of identity theft in Arizona.”

As you can imagine, Sheriff Joe was quite happy with the outcome, and he said he’ll be speaking with his attorney to decide on what to do next.

“I’m happy with the decision,” he said. “I’m looking at all the options.”

Of course, no act of common sense in America comes without criticism. Porchas reacted to the court’s ruling by calling it “cruel, unjust and degrading.” Meanwhile, still no word from her on how she feels about hundreds of people in the county having their identities stolen by illegal invaders.

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