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JUST IN: Things Go From Bad To Worse For Eric Bolling After Fox REMOVES His Name From…

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Fox News host Eric Bolling is in the middle of a fake controversy started by the liberal Huffington Post, which published a hit piece accusing him of sexual harassment that led to his suspension, but things just got worse for him.

Bolling is the host of “The Specialists” on Fox News, and the recent allegations forced him off the air temporarily while the network conducts an internal investigation. However, while Fox said it’s only temporary, things seem a little more permanent after his name was removed from his show’s social media pages.

That’s really not good. This is the same way Fox dealt with O’Reilly after similar allegations were made against him, and the crazy part is the same woman who accused O’Reilly is now accusing Bolling – Caroline Heldman.

Heldman, a far-left social justice warrior and third-wave feminist, made regular appearances on Fox between 2008 and 2011, when she claims that Bolling sexually harassed her. Over the weekend, she wrote a Facebook post detailing what she says were repeated instances of sexual harassment, but never offered a valid explanation as to why it took her six years to come forward or why she voluntarily remained on the network without saying anything to anyone.

She also accused producer Woody Feldman trying to coerce her into having sex with him to advance her career.

Basically, every man she interacted with at Fox News has now been accused of sexually harassing her.



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