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ALERT: Before You Cast A Vote This Election, Here’s One Man’s Story That You MUST See

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Millions of people are still undecided on who to vote for this election, but one Marine’s story should be all they need to make a sound decision.

A decorated Marine Corps officer, who was deployed four times and loves the corps more than imaginable, is in serious legal hot water after he desperately tried to save his brothers-in-arms from a pending attack. Major Jason Brezler proudly served our nation and was a reservist in 2013 when he heard that a corrupt Afghani police officer was back on his former base, so he sent a warning to officials there letting them know there was going to be trouble.

According to USMC Life, Brezler’s warning went unheard, and 17 days later, a young boy the officer brought on base to rape – which U.S. officials turned a blind eye to – stole the man’s gun then shot four Marines, killing three of them.

Brezler, who only sought to save lives and immediately let his superiors know what he did, found himself in seriously hot water after sending just a single email. You see, the information Brezler included in the email was deemed classified, so in accordance with the strict laws governing such material, he found himself being court martialed for intentionally mishandling it.

While Brezler should have been honored by his beloved corps, the law implicitly states that the sending or receiving of classified information, regardless of such transmissions are intentional or not, is strictly forbidden. So now a brave soldier, who made great sacrifices for our nation, isn’t only facing a dishonorable discharge, he’s looking at the possibility of ending up in prison for what would otherwise be considered a heroic and selfless act.

Brezler’s next court date is set for Oct. 14, and his lawyer intends to cite the non-indictment of Hillary Clinton for far more egregious violations of the law as a defense to get the case dismissed. However, it’s highly unlikely that a judge will ever go for such an argument, considering that it’s incredibly obvious that Clinton skirted legal troubles only because of her political power, which is evidenced by the fact this Marine was arrested over a single email while she sent or received hundreds of classified emails and wasn’t ever charged.

So as you think about who you’re going to vote for this election, here’s one thing to ask yourself; do you want to live in a nation where powerful elites escape legal accountability because of who they know while our national heroes have their lives destroyed for far lesser offenses?

Keep in mind that America was founded on the basic principle that we’re all equal under the law, which means that nobody, regardless of who they are or who they know, should be able to escape prosecution if they commit an illegal act. So if a decorated war hero can be prosecuted for trying to save lives, then a career politician with a shady past shouldn’t be able to walk away scott-free after violating the same laws in the interest of self-preservation.

That’s not who we are, that’s not what our nation is about, and that’s why, regardless of how you feel about any other candidate, you should think twice before casting a vote for her. After all, she’s laughing at our legal system while a decorated veteran fights to keep his job with the military branch he devoted his life to.

To say it’s unfair would be an understatement, and to cast a vote in support of it would be an abomination.



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