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Benghazi Survivor Reveals Special Forces’ SHOCKING Plans If Hillary Gets Into The White House

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One of the survivors of the attacks on a U.S. consulate in Benghazi has come forward with the shocking plans from Special Forces operators if Hillary Clinton is elected this November.

John “Tig” Tiegen was able to survive the 13-hour onslaught by Islamic terrorists even though he received no help from then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Now, it appears as if our military is going to be paying a steep price should Clinton find her way into the White house this November, as Tiegen says some within the Special Forces wouldn’t be waiting around to see if history would repeat itself under a Clinton administration.

According to a report from the Daily Caller, Tiegen said that the military would be losing its best and brightest as soldiers, including those within the special operations community, would rather leave than risk being left for dead again under a President Hillary.

“There’s guys leaving now just because of that,” Tiegen told TheDCNF in an exclusive Facebook Live video interview Tuesday. “Cause they don’t know if the call for help is going to be heard.”

Apparently, many soldiers left the military in the wake of the Benghazi attack, and the problem is only going to get worse if Clinton’s given the presidency by the American people. Tiegen says that there’s always going to be operators willing to serve, but that the “downgrading” of the Obama administration in foreign hot spots has caused many in the military to doubt our nation’s leadership.

“If you ask for help, or you need your help, you expect the military to come help you, one way or another,” said Tiegen.

He explained that it wasn’t just Benghazi that cast doubt among soldiers. Just a year after Tiegen’s own harrowing ordeal, a group of Marines became stranded after being surrounded by enemy combatants in Afghanistan – an incident he blamed on Obama withdrawing troops from the region, which left the Marines exposed.

He fears it’s only going to become worse under a Clinton presidency.

As for those who are against our military’s efforts overseas, and think that America needs to bring home all of our troops, he had just one question for them:

“Do you want to fight terrorists at home or do you want to fight them overseas?” he asked, noting that San Bernardino and Orlando are examples of fighting terrorists on U.S. soil.

Tiegen is 100 percent right, Hillary Clinton becoming president would make our nation a lot less safe on many fronts, starting with her refusal to even acknowledge radical Islam is a real thing, and spanning all of the way to having a military doubtful about whether or not the commander-in-chief would have their backs. It’s hard to blame them as well, considering she already gave us a glimpse of what she would do should something like Benghazi happen again.



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