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Benghazi Victim’s Sister Breaks Silence, Makes AWFUL Revelation About Clinton

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For years, the sister of Glen Doherty has remained relatively silent about the attack in Benghazi that killed her brother, but that just ended rather abruptly. While Bill Clinton was amazed at what Hillary was “put through” during her grilling by Congress, Doherty’s sister was equally amazed by something else.

Kate Quigley appeared on Fox News’ The Kelly File on Thursday, and spoke of the events surrounding her brother’s remains returning to Andrews Air Force Base following the deadly 2012 terror attack. During a time when the family was “raw” with grief and emotion, then-Secretary of State Clinton chose to speak with them about what she apparently thought was a priority at the time – the victimized Libyan people.

“Clearly, they have it all wrong,” said Quigley, who also noted that Clinton blamed the attack on a video, and that she arrived with a script and an agenda to greet the family. “It just blows my mind that she would choose to take that stance on that of all days.”

Quigley also recalled speaking with the Libyan ambassador the same day of the ceremony for her brother, and he said what the family had been longing to hear from American “leadership” – they weren’t going to stop until they found the terrorists responsible for the attack.

“I was speechless,” Quigley said, “because those were the words I had been longing and needing to hear…that should have come from Mrs. Clinton.”

Quigley lamented that Clinton avoided the truth for as long as possible, and that if she had just been honest from the get go, things would have been much, much different.

“She’s had so many opportunities to just tell the truth,” Quigley said. “And had that happened from the beginning, Benghazi would be a distant memory.”

During the interview, Quigley also said Bill Clinton’s amazement at what his wife was “put through” during her testimony in front of the Benghazi Select Committee was beyond insensitive.

“The insensitivity of that comment is shocking,” she said. “But clearly misguided sympathy runs in the family.”

Sadly, it’s really not shocking at this point, considering the Clintons will stop at nothing to achieve their political aspirations, including lying directly to the faces of the families grieving over their loved ones. However, what is shocking is that rather than facing an indictment for her numerous crimes as Secretary, she’s instead running for president and will likely get the Democrat nomination, which tells us everything we know about her, her party, and her supporters.

[H/T: Right Wing News]



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