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Beyoncé Plans Show In Pittsburgh, But Unexpected ‘Surprise’ From Cops Changes EVERYTHING

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Pop “artist” Beyoncé has been causing controversy with blatantly anti-law enforcement views seen in her new album “Lemonade,” and apparently it’s catching up to her. She’s planning on performing a show in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the near future, but an unexpected “surprise” from the local police puts a serious damper on it.

Ever since the Super Bowl, where Beyoncé’s halftime show honored Malcom X, Black Lives Matter, and the Black Panther Party, police across the nation have been pushing back against her anti-police sentiment, and rightfully so. But now it’s getting to a boiling point, according to WTAE, and Pittsburgh police are refusing to work security for her show despite the threat of being forced to do so.

Here’s more on the boycott from WTAE:

PITTSBURGH — City police officers who believe Beyonce is anti-police are planning to boycott the singer’s May 31 concert at Heinz Field, and the union said it will file a labor complaint if the city forces them to work the secondary employment.

FOP President Robert Swartzwelder said Friday that he is not taking a position on Beyonce, and the union is not calling for a boycott; rather, officers are posting on the FOP website saying that no one should work the show.

“If the city compels police officers to work secondary employment again, it is further demonstration that the city is managing its fiscal responsibility on the backs of its police officers,” said Swartzwelder, referring to when he said city officers were forced to work the Pittsburgh Marathon.

The basis for an unfair labor practice complaint would be if the city forces on-duty officers to work the concert, which is a voluntary employment, Swartzwelder said.

Serves her right.  Even though she claims that she’s not anti-cop and has professed admiration for law enforcement, the message in her music is abundantly clear. So just as artists boycotted North Carolina over its so-called “bathroom bill” because they disagreed with its intentions, police have every right to boycott Beyoncé’s shows because they don’t agree with her message.

After all, it’s long past due that we stand up against the anti-cop rhetoric and hatred we’re seeing all over the nation, and the best way to do so is to simply deny those espousing it the protection they so dearly rely on.



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