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Black Church Cheers As Hillary Levels DISTURBING Threat Against Cops: ‘We Need To Re…’

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Hillary Clinton has been on an all-out pander-fest as she tries to secure the Democrat nomination for president, and she may have reached an entirely new low on Sunday. She made her way around to several all-black churches in New York, and congregants praised her as she leveled an utterly disturbing threat against police across the nation.

Clinton has repeatedly touted “police reform” as a part of her platform for securing the nomination, and on Sunday, she flat-out said that she wants to “retrain” police to stop shooting thugs posing an imminent threat. As she spoke to congregations, she used the endorsement of Nicole Bell, whose husband Sean was killed in 2005 after a confrontation with the NYPD – no criminal wrongdoing was found on the officers’ behalf – as a reason for wanting to completely overhaul police departments across the country – as if it’s a federal issue to begin with.

“Today, I was endorsed by this beautiful young woman, Nicole Bell, whose fiancé was killed by the police right before she was to be married. When I was a Senator, I tried to help. I tried to stand up about what had happened,” the pander bear told the congregation at Brown Memorial Baptist Church, the Daily Caller reported.

Clinton then went on to say that Bell wrote an entire op-ed endorsing her – Bell was merely interviewed – and lumped police use of force together with the latest anti-gun buzz phrase, “epidemic of gun violence.” No, really.

Clinton added, “today she wrote an editorial in The Daily News endorsing me and she said we have three common goals, she and I together, we have to end the epidemic of gun violence.”

As the Caller noted, Bell’s statement to the NYDN was that “[Hillary’s] against racial profiling. And she wants to make investments to improve training for police officers. Those issues hit home for me and my family” – a phrase that Clinton would quote almost verbatim as she pandered to the all-black congregation.

“We have to end racial profiling and we have to retrain our police officers so they can do a job that doesn’t require reaching for their gun when it is absolutely unnecessary,” she said. “And that’s a big difference between me and my opponent, Senator Sanders. He has voted with the National Rifle Association, the big gun lobby.”

Nobody’s entirely sure how the NRA and police using force against violent threats are connected; however, Clinton seems to think they are, so it must be true, or something.

“I feel so strongly that when you have 90 people a day dying of gun violence, 33,000 people a year, when gun deaths are the number one cause of death for African American men, more than the next nine causes put together,” she added.

What she fails to acknowledge is that the number one cause of death for young black males is young black males in cities such as Chicago, where systemic violence claims the lives of hundreds every year. It’s great she’s all about reforming the manner in which police actually police neighborhoods, by why isn’t she focusing on reforming the neighborhoods that breed violent thugs, since that’s where the real problem lies?

Until that happens, there’s not much you can do to end police shooting thugs that try to kill them, unless you’re willing to sacrifice the brave men and women protecting our streets to the altar of political correctness – and it appears Clinton is willing to do exactly that, all so she can get some votes.

Absolutely unreal.



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