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home Culture, News JUST IN: 2 Days After Charlottesville, Black Pastors Reveal The BOMBSHELL Truth About Trump [Video]

JUST IN: 2 Days After Charlottesville, Black Pastors Reveal The BOMBSHELL Truth About Trump [Video]

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Ever since violence occurred in Charlottesville, the media and liberals alike have been piling on President Trump and calling him racist, bigoted, and every other leftist dog whistle you can think of.

The wall-to-wall coverage of the incident has yielded some of the most outrageous commentary from contributors to NCC, MSNBC, and other leftist media outlets despite the fact there’s more than enough evidence to prove the President isn’t racist. Fed up with the way he’s being treated, a group of black clergy came to President Trump’s defense, and what they have to say is going viral.

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Western Journalism has more:

The deluge of liberal invective connecting President Donald Trump and his administration with the death of a woman protesting a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last weekend has it “absolutely wrong,” a black minister said Monday.

Rev. Derek McCoy, executive vice president for the Center of Urban Renewal and Education, was among clergy who said claims by liberals and mainstream media that Trump has fostered a spirit of racism miss the point entirely.

“One thing you need to understand: You are saying that the president is the instigator, and I think that is absolutely wrong. No, it is not disingenuous,” said McCoy.

The group of pastors also addressed the “alt-left,” who the media has ignored months.

Activist Star Parker, who founded CURE, said Trump’s initial statement condemning violence on both ends of the political spectrum was on target.

“I would like for us to finally address the ‘alt-right’ and the ‘alt-left’ — the instigators that continue this discussion that racism is so inherent in our society that they are going to look for it endlessly to then spark the tensions of the ‘alt-right.’ The ‘alt-right’ was sent underground. They have been emboldened because of the ‘alt-left,’” he said.

Of course, these brave pastors will be castigated and ostracized by the left, which has a history of calling black people who stick up for conservatives “Uncle Tom” and other racial epithets, thus proving who the real racists are.

Regardless, these people are right. It’s time for the country to start talking about who’s really causing the problems.



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