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Black Girls BUSTED In Massive Hate Crime Hoax, And They Just Got Devastating News

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Three black students from Albany University were recently busted after falsely accusing a group of white men of a hate crime, and they just received some absolutely devastating news that has Americans cheering.

The three women, Ariel Agudio, Ahsa Burwell, and Alexis Briggs got into a fight on a bus near Albany University and they claimed to have been the victims of a hate crime in January. The girls told police that a group of white men physically assaulted them and hurled racial slurs while riding a university bus.

But as it turns out, their lies were completely debunked after video of the incident showed them being the aggressors and the accused were actually trying to break up the fight. Too bad for them, now it’s time to pay the piper for their dirty deeds.

Breitbart News reported that the three women now face criminal charges for their false accusations of a racially-motivated crime. Agudio and Burwell both face misdemeanor charges of assault and one count of falsely reporting an incident, while Briggs is being charged on one count of misdemeanor assault.

But that’s not the worst part. Apparently the officials at the University of Albany are more concerned with the school’s reputation than they are coddling the criminal elements in their school, and after a board hearing, they decided to expel two of the women from the school while suspending the third for two years.

The Albany Times-Union has more on the meeting, where faculty members testified the girls instigated the fight and harmed the school’s reputation:

One witness was Inspector Paul Burlingame of the University Police Department, who cited video, audio, witness interviews, and more than 300 hours of investigation as he testified to the board that the three women started the fight.

“There is absolutely no evidence which supports Ms. Burwell’s version of events that the incident was precipitated by a female passenger hitting Ms. Burwell while Ms. Burwell was seated,” Burlingame said, “and in fact, there is no video evidence showing Ms. Burwell being struck by anyone at all.”

Because the incident was first reported as a hate crime, Burlingame testified that victims of the assault did not come forward at first as they feared for their safety.

Only when they learned there was video of the incident did they reach out, Burlingame said.

In March, the Times Union reported that a student widely reported to have left school after being threatened was never registered at the university this semester.

The only other witness at the hearing was by Joseph Brennan, a UAlbany vice president of communications and marketing, who testified that the school suffered “reputational harm” as a result of the conduct of the three women.

According to Fox News, Briggs received a two-year suspension and her co-conspirators were both expelled, the university’s president, Robert J Jones, confirmed.

The three women have all pleaded not guilty to the charges, and worse yet they refused a plea deal where they merely would have had to apologize for their actions. If that’s not bad enough, one of their supporters is trying to cast doubt on the video that vindicated the men they accused of attacking them by saying it had been “doctored.”

As a whole, we’re seeing the country become fed up with the social justice crowd, so hopefully this is the start of a trend where schools actually start penalizing those responsible for inciting hatred and division, like these three girls tried to do with their false accusations. Either way, it’s great to finally see a school with some sense that’s willing to take action against students regardless of the color of their skin, since we all know that similar incidents have gone unpunished in the past.



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