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‘Black Lives Matter’ Organizer ‘Triggered’ By Whites, DEMANDS Reparations For INSANE Reason

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You had best be sitting down for this one, because it’s some of the craziest sh-t you’re going to read…ever.

An organizer for the Black Lives Matter terrorist group spouted off her disgusting ignorance on an “intersectional feminist media” outlet, and it’s so outrageous that it sounds like it’s satire. But here’s the thing, it’s not. No, triggy-puff is upset that white people attend BLM protests to show their support, and she actually believes that we need to be confined to acting as human “buffers against the police” for her and her miscreant supporters.

Ashleigh Shackelford wrote an on the website “Wear Your Voice” and in it she says that white people at BLM events are “triggering,” and that blacks are “frightened” by whites. She also called us “oppressors” and wondered why any white people would dare to show up at a BLM rally.

“Why are you going to a protest when you’re the oppressor?” asks Shackelford, adding, “WHITE PEOPLE ARE KILLING US. So when I see white people show up to rally excited and smiling, ready to march like it’s a hobby — I’m disgusted and absolutely f-cking livid….I’m ready to fight.”

Along with her numerous platitudes, Shackelford complains that “white people are 400 years too f-cking late for a round of applause for a damn tweet with a hashtag, or for showing up to a damn rally” even though they’re doing so with a message of love and unity. But if that wasn’t bad enough, the lunatic then pushes for “reparations” for slavery despite that fact that at the height of slavery, only 1.4 percent of white Americans actually owned slaves. But, justice, or something.

“Nothing you have is yours,” she argued. “Let me be clear: Nothing you have is yours. Also, Let me be see through: Reparations are not donations, because we are not your charity, tax write off, or good deed for the day. You are living off of stolen resources, stolen land, exploited labor, appropriated culture and the murder of our people. Nothing you have is yours.”

“Y’all spent hundreds of years selling, mutilating, raping and beating our bodies and labor but you think money doesn’t matter to our freedom and liberation?” she added. “Cute. Write me a check for this shade because it comes with 400 years of trauma.”

‘Black Lives Matter’ Organizer ‘Triggered’ By Whites, DEMANDS Reparations For INSANE Reason

For the record, black men kill more black men in a year than the entire number of black people who were lynched between 1882 and 1968, where there were roughly 3,400 lynchings throughout the period, according to the Tuskegee Institute. In contrast, there’s an average of 4,500 black people murdered by other black people annually, according to the FBI’s Supplementary Homicide Reports and Centers for Disease Control.

To the topic of police killing black people at a blinding rate; it would take cops 40 years to kill as many black men that are killed in a single year by other black men, since there’s an average of around 110 black men killed by police annually, the majority of which are justified. But I digress.

Back to triggy-puff.

Shackelford wants white people to give black people money so that they can by luxury items like laptops, cellphones, and even land, asserting that we should “Be ready to write checks and give up your car keys.”

Shackelford concluded by writing “Whiteness operates in a way that means that using your privilege “for good” often requires Black folks to still be a position to be “saved” or “in need.” We don’t need white saviorism. We don’t need white people to speak for us. We don’t even really need white people to show up to rallies. We need our reparations, we need intentional disruption that involves high risk and we need y’all to stop playing,” which was before pushing extremism and asking white people “Are you willing to kill for us?”

While her rantings sound like those of a severely unstable, mentally deficient madman, there is a glimmer of light that emerges from them – people like her are going to be the reason the toxic “movement” Black Lives Matter is going to be a less noteworthy time in history than DeRay McKesson’s political career. Rather than promoting a message of peace and unity, Shackelford and other leftist extremists who make up the BLM are trying to appeal to far-left Marxists, who also push for segregation and silencing of dissenting opinions, all of which is causing America at-large to become apathetic toward the group as a whole.

Combine the lunatic ideas emanating from BLM’s organizers with the violence that seems to follow the group around, and you have a recipe for disappearing into obscurity. And that’s something we can all feel good about.



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