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Black Man’s EXPLOSIVE Rant Against Beyoncé Puts Her RIGHT In Her Place [Vid]

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After her incredibly racist Black Panther Party-themed performance on Sunday, pop “artist” Beyoncé claimed that she was “proud” of what she did, even though it only helped to further the divide in our nation while upsetting millions of viewers. However, one vocal black man had some words of his own for Beyoncé, and what he had to say is quickly going viral after showing that not everyone in the black community latches onto double standards.

Johnathan Gentry is a Los Angeles resident, and he’s none too happy over the stunt that Beyoncé pulled during halftime at Super Bowl 50. In a fiery video rant, Gentry laid the verbal smack on her and everyone supporting her nonsense at the game.

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Posted by Johnathan Gentry on Monday, February 8, 2016

Gentry began by explaining there’s a “huge double standard” when it comes to the way blacks are treated as opposed to white people, and he firmly believes that black people get special treatment. He then gave his viewers a brief history lesson as he explained it’s not right or fair that blacks demand the Confederate flag be removed from everything while at the same time shoving symbols of racist black groups in everyone’s faces.

From there, Gentry questioned how people can applaud Beyoncé’s vile performance knowing that they would be completely outraged if a white person were to do something similar. He also called out her blatant hypocrisy in disparaging police right after being escorted by over a hundred law enforcement personnel to the game.

In closing, Gentry said that he believes that Beyoncé’s actions were “wicked,” and that she and her husband Jay Z, both of whom have risen up out of poverty and fully embraced the American Dream, are “Bohemian puppets” that are following a “very elite group,” and he’s definitely not a fan of any of it.

Unfortunately, as Gentry mentioned in his video, this will likely get him called all kinds of names, such as an “Uncle Tom” or a “House n****r,” because it doesn’t fit the modern progressive movement’s narrative. Regardless, Gentry said he’s going to continue to passionately speak the truth no matter what, and in doing so, he’s doing a great service to our nation and our society.

After all, equality is more than a fancy buzzword to throw around in an attempt to justify your demands. Equality is treating everyone equal no matter what, and as Gentry righteously said, the first step to true equality is ridding our culture of its ridiculous double standards.



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