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Ex-Black Panther Might End Up Dead After Revealing THIS About Obama And The Panthers

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A former member of the racist black supremacist group, the Black Panther Party, couldn’t keep silent any longer about Barack Obama and his former organization, so he finally spoke out. What he revealed is rather damning, and he might very well end up dead after word gets around.

In an interview with the Daily Caller, Clarence Mason Weaver spoke about how liberalism has failed the black community at every turn, and he exposed Obama for the fraudulent divider that he really is.

“Barack Obama hates America,” Weaver, a former hate-filled race hustler who broke up with a woman because she had a white dog, said of the president. “His job is to divide by differences and manage our differences. He has done nothing but drive us apart.”

“[He] hates America,” continued Weaver. “It doesn’t matter what color the pimp, the drug dealer, the con artist is.”

Coming from a man who used to hate white people more than the Nazis hated the Jews, people would be wise to listen to Weaver, whose attitude changed after a racist white man tried to kill him in 1971. Weaver could have met anger with anger, but instead he had an epiphany that changed him forever – which he hopes will inspire others to change too.

“What would happen in black America if we forgave, real or imagined, the wrongs that we have?” he asked. “What would happen is healing, progress and success with family reunification.”

Weaver left liberalism long ago, and ever since, he’s had every epithet hurled at him imaginable, but he still stays strong. He realizes why black conservatives are so maligned and hated by those he says are “running today’s plantations” with horribly destructive liberal policies, and offered up his own explanation.

Liberalism, he says, “destroys people, like a drug dealer, a pimp who manages you and wants to keep you down. Liberalism is slavery, always has been and always will be.”

Unfortunately, warns Weaver, some people “have a vested interest in staying stupid,” such as those within the group he calls “Black Lies Matter,” which he says makes it all but impossible to change their minds. But, he also says that they “have the right to be stupid.

Amen, good sir. It’s unfortunate that people like yourself are called all kinds of horrible names in attempt to discredit you, because you make more sense than any liberal “leader” out there.



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