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Black Rapper Has BOLD Admission On Trump, Her Thoughts On Clinton Have Dems TERRIFIED

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Editor’s Note: This post contains strong language that may not be suitable for all audiences.

Black female rapper Azalia Banks is a rather popular entertainer among the younger generations, and she just came out with a bold admission about presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, but that’s not the worst part for Democrats after what she said about Hillary Clinton.

Apparently Banks, like so many of us, doesn’t buy into the notion that Hillary’s persistent pandering is anything other than saying exactly what minority groups want to hear in order to court their votes. Because of this, she’s going to be voting for Trump, even though she thinks he’s an “a**hole,” but she has a rather respectable reason for doing so.

In a series of tweets, she explained her surprising position:

Shortly after that one, she dropped a bomb on Hillary that hopefully wakes other black people up to who she really is.

Banks fielded quite a bit of criticism for her support of Trump, which led to her defending her choice.

She then set her sights back on Clinton, who Banks really, really doesn’t like.

While Banks may not be a favorite among conservatives, she sure does seem to have this one right on the money. Hillary Clinton only cares for people for as long as she needs their vote, then all bets are off once she gets what she wants.

But what we’re seeing from Banks appears to be happening with many disenchanted Democrats who are tired of the same old party elites being forced upon them. Should such a trend continue into the November elections, the results will be a landslide of epic proportions, and maybe then we’ll finally be able to put Hillary where she belongs – either in prison or out to pasture for the rest of her days.



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