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SEE IT: Black Trump Supporter Spots White Liberals In KKK Hoods, Leaves Crowd STUNNED

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This weekend has been full of controversial incidents surrounding Donald Trump’s campaign stops in Arizona, and what happened on Saturday night in Tucson is one of them. A black Trump supporter spotted a pair of white liberal protesters wearing KKK hoods, and he left the crowd stunned with what he did next.

As Trump’s rally was just starting to get underway, a pair of vile leftists emerged to protest alleged hatred by, you guessed it, wearing hoods similar to those worn by the Ku Klux Klan, because Trump’s supporters are racist, or something. However, they apparently didn’t expect to come across any people of color at the event, and when they did, they were taught a hard lesson in respect by a black Trump supporter.

Check out Trump’s comments as the incident unfolded:

The protesters naturally drew ire from Trump, who has to be sick of unhinged leftists disrupting his events. Trump called the protesters “disgusting” as the crowd booed loudly while they were escorted out, reported Real Clear Politics.

“There’s a disgusting guy,” Trump yelled. “He puts a Ku Klux Klan hat on it. He thinks it’s cute. He’s a disgusting guy. That is a disgusting guy. Really disgusting.”

Trump went on to say that the actions of the protesters are a “disgrace” because they’re trying to silence the First Amendment rights of thousands of people. But the most interesting part of the incident comes when the two liberals were being escorted out of the arena, and a black man, obviously fed up with their disgusting display, decided he had enough and unloaded.

Ouch. Nobody ever condones violence, but in this instance, it’s hard to blame the black man since the abhorrent display had to be highly offensive, and who knows what the petulant children were saying as they were being led away.

Here’s another angle. This guy didn’t hold back… at all.

For the record, the black man was arrested and handcuffed, then led out of the event without any further incident.

But here’s the thing about this incident; it creates quite a conundrum for the liberal media.

Under any other circumstances, a black man beating the crap out of Klansmen would be heralded by the media as a hero combating racism. However, since it happened at a Donald Trump rally, they’re using it as an example of his supporters being violent. But for all we know, the black man thought they were actual Klansmen, in which case, who could blame him?

But with the constant attacks by the media against trump and his supporters combined with unhinged liberals showing up at rallies for the sole purpose of causing trouble, can you really blame people for getting upset, especially knowing that the protesters intentionally antagonize Trump supporters? I can’t, especially in this case, where a black man became rightfully outraged at the sight of Klansmen at the rally and took action.

Here’s something else to ponder; has anyone ever seen violence at a GOP event prior to liberals trying to invade them and cause a ruckus? No, there hasn’t been, because there hasn’t been anybody around to start trouble.



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