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Black Trump Voter ‘APOLOGIZES’ To Hillary Supporters, ‘Regrets’ Voting For Him

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Wednesday was a great day to be a supporter of now President-elect Donald Trump after being told for over a year he couldn’t ever win, and a black man’s video perfectly captured exactly how most of us felt.

The video was posted to YouTube by a man named Douglas Blair, and it shows another man named Henry Davis giving a “heartfelt apology” to Hillary’s supporters after they were decimated from Trump’s landslide victory the day prior.

Check it out:

Boom! That’s exactly how the rest of us feel.

The media, politicians, and pundits alike all told us from the start there’s no way Trump would ever be elected, especially if he ran his general election campaign the same way he ran his campaign in the primaries. But low and behold, against all odds and in the face of extreme adversity, the brash billionaire pulled off a brilliant win to make history as the people’s champion and head to Washington as a one-man wrecking ball to finally DRAIN THE SWAMP!

Congratulations to President-elect Donald Trump!!!



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