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#BLM FURIOUS When Library Denies Meeting For 1 Reason, So Look What They Did

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A Tennessee chapter of the notoriously racist #BlackLivesMatter “movement” submitted a request to a local library to hold a meeting recently, but the library wasn’t exactly on board with the idea after learning of one of the group’s policies. Leadership from the organization were told to change it and refused, and you have to see what they did as a result… it’s pure irony.

The Nashville chapter of #BLM submitted the request for a meeting to the North Branch Library on the north side of Nashville, but when library officials learned that they wouldn’t allow white people to attend, they promptly denied the application. What happened after tells us everything we need to know about the black supremacist group.

“All meetings at our facilities must be open to the general public and news media,” library spokeswoman Emily Waltenbaugh said, the Independent Journal reported. “We’re a library. We’re taxpayer funded. We have to be open to anyone anytime.”

Indeed. Plus, wouldn’t it be racist to disallow people to attend a meeting about diversity and inclusion based only upon their skin color? Yes. But, according to the group’s organizer, Joshua Crutchfield, below is the policy that #BLM had for their meeting that got them denied by Waltenbaugh.

“Only black people as well as non-black people of color are allowed to attend the gatherings.”

Isn’t that interesting? Fortunately for Crutchfield and his organization, there was a simple fix – open the meeting to people of all races. What did they do instead?

Check out the flyer below, courtesy of USAToday:

#BLM FURIOUS When Library Denies Meeting For 1 Reason, So Look What They Did

“Due to white supremacy in our local government, this week’s BLM General Body Meeting location has changed,” a notice posted on the Nashville chapter of Black Lives Matter’s Facebook page reads. The notice says the group’s meetings are “open to black and non-black people of color only.”

When asked about the library rejecting the meeting, here’s what Crutchfield had to say:

“We were surprised about it, but we shouldn’t have been,” Crutchfield said. “We kind of know the history about how this goes in this country. … It’s definitely something we want to make public to tell people what’s going on in the city.”

Sorry, Crutchfield, but not allowing your group to practice racism isn’t “white supremacy,” it’s treating you the same as your white counterparts, which is what you want, right? After all, if white people ever, and I do mean ever, tried to hold a meeting in which minorities weren’t allowed, Crutchfield and his minions would be the first ones to decry it, and it would likely cause nationwide outrage.

Equality is a funny thing, isn’t it?




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