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#BLM Goons Pay ‘Visit’ To Trump Hotel In Washington D.C., Media SILENT On What They Did Next

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The leftist media bends over backwards to protect the terror group Black Lives Matter, and they’re doing it again with what happened to Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. over the weekend.

While the current narrative is that those within Black Lives Matter are “peaceful” people that just want “justice” and “equality,” their actions seems to say something else entirely, and we all know that actions speak volumes compared to words. In Charlotte, we watched in horror as BLM goons rampaged through the streets destroying everything in their paths, and now Donald Trump is feeling the wrath from the group’s feral members.

On Saturday afternoon, members of the terrorist organization engaged in intimidation and threats when they defaced Trump International Hotel. Not only did they destroy public property, but an ominous message written on the building’s glass seems to suggest that members of BLM plan on engaging in violent behavior if their demands aren’t meant.

Check it out:

Lovely, huh. Bet you haven’t heard about it in the press either.

In fact, as the Gateway Pundit noted, only one media outlet that’s even close to mainstream covered it – the conservative website Independent Journal Review.





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