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#BLM Thugs Do UNTHINKABLE To War Grave, ‘White’ Millennial’s Reply Is NOT What You Think

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For anyone who’s been following, the folks within the #BlackLivesMatter “movement” appear to believe they can do whatever they want without repercussion, thanks to those on the left excusing their behavior due to “past transgressions.” Such is the case with a war grave, where a group of thugs did the unthinkable and got away with it, and one “white” millennial had a truly stunning reply.

Unfortunately, it seems as if many millennials have fallen victim to the anti-American indoctrination pushed in schools across the country, then perpetuated throughout college. However, there’s some who have escaped the clutches of progressivism, and who continue to give us hope that not all is lost in our future generations.

#BLM Thugs Do UNTHINKABLE To War Grave, ‘White’ Millennial Has STUNNING Reply
Jesse Popp (Image credit: Facebook)

One of them happens to be an aspiring model named Jesse Popp, and unlike so many others in their early twenties, he seems to have a firm grasp on reality. Popp recently caught wind of the absolutely disgusting actions of #BLM thugs, who vandalized a war grave, and he wrote an absolutely perfect response to the “twisted” people responsible.

Check it out:

Wow..Words cannot fully express the extent of the anger I feel at this. That's all you need to know, and so, you can…

Posted by Jesse Popp on Monday, February 29, 2016

The post reads in its entirety:

Words cannot fully express the extent of the anger I feel at this. That’s all you need to know, and so, you can stop reading here; unless you would like to read a long rant about it.

First of all, that is a war grave. There are Americans buried there, real men, HONORABLE men, who are buried there; men who died fighting for their beliefs. It sickens me to see graffiti on them- from spineless, brainless, vandals who have no sense of honor or for what is DISRESPECTFUL.

Also, a follower kindly pointed out to me, they misspelled the word “matter”.
This is all the proof I need that this blatant act of vandalism was perpetrated by brainless scrum.
Second, this is what infuriates me about this entire movement- they are literally putting their twisted sense of justice above everyone else.

Well, I have news for them, and I hope anyone in this twisted movement listens, and listens well: BLACK LIVES MATTER ONLY AS MUCH AS EVERYONE ELSE’S.

Everyone sees what you’re trying to do and the point behind you’re movement of trying to end racism, BUT HONESTLY take a look from the other perspective. When I see this, I don’t think
“Oh my goodness, I should now care a lot more about black lives because there is this fine piece of spray paint all over the grave of someone who died in honor.”
“Oh my gosh all of these people are standing in the middle of the freeway, blocking all traffic and people from arriving to their destinations on time, I should really just care more about black lives”

I’m not racist. I don’t discriminate by who you are, what you look like, where you come from, what you say you are. I’ll judge you by your actions, and how you treat me as a person. Then I’ll decide if you’re the type of person I want in my life.

And by seeing all these actions by the racist & disrespectful whites and the racist and disrespectful blacks I personally don’t need any of y’all in my life who are radically trying to push these so called “Peace Movements”

I recently seen a quote on racism by the one and only Morgan Freeman,
Which read,

“How do we stop Racism? We stop talking about it. I’m going to stop calling you a white man and you’re going to stop calling me a black man.”

All lives matter the same. Literally.
The universe doesn’t give a F*ck what you look like or where you came from or how you act.
We’re all gonna share the same fate in the end as One race. The human race.

Boom! Good job, young man. It’s refreshing to see someone from a younger generation who realizes that hate and racism go both ways, and even more refreshing to see him speak out about it, especially when doing so can be dangerous both to one’s personal life and their career.

Kudos for having the courage to speak to your beliefs, Jesse.



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