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#BLM Thugstress Does The UNTHINKABLE To White Trump Supporter, Then It Gets WORSE

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During a pro-Donald Trump rally in Albany, NY on Monday, #BlackLivesMatter protesters clashed with Trump supporters outside of the event, and things didn’t exactly go too well. One of the #BLM thugstresses got in the face of a white woman there to support The Donald, and what happened next is just downright disgusting.

While the media has painted Trump supporters as a hateful and violent crowd, video after video shows that the opposite is true – it’s the unhinged leftists protesting Trump who are violent and hateful. Footage from Albany is evidence to that fact, as it shows one of the #BLM terrorists physically assaulting a white woman after taunting her, and what the female thug’s friends did after was even worse.

“And what? And what?” the thugstress can be heard repeatedly yelling at the peaceful Trump supporter.

Seconds later, she can be seen cocking back then unloading a massive gob of spit at the woman, who still hadn’t shown any aggression towards the terrorist or her friends. After the innocent victim recoiled in utter disgust, she grabbed her phone to snap a picture of her assailant – likely to press charges – but her follow terrorists immediately threw up their hands to protect the unhinged attacker from being photographed.

“She f**king spit in my face!” the white Trump supporter yelled, but the #BLM terrorists immediately started arguing with her again – victim blaming is a common tactic among the left.

“This is a free country!” the victim yelled, to which the social justice warriors and domestic terrorists replied they were responding to her “hate.”

What “hate?” Well, to these thugs, “hate” is any dissenting opinion or belief that people should actually be held to the same standards regardless of the color of their skin.

“We are here to protest against hatred!” one of the terrorists screamed at the victim, who was assaulted for peacefully expressing her support for a presidential candidate.

Yet again we have video evidence that it’s not Trump supporters starting problems – it’s unhinged leftists who support Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, which means this video won’t make it to the mainstream media. Why? It doesn’t fit the current narrative being espoused, so it’s up to us to continue exposing the truth.

Anyone else tired of the blatant racism and hypocrisy from these thugs?



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