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BREAKING: Bombshell Documents Reveal Democrats Using FRAUD To Win The Election

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Many on both sides of the aisle are arguing that the stakes have never been higher coming into this election, and bombshell documents reveal that one party will stop at nothing to win it.

As if anyone could have forgotten, in the 2012 election the Democrats used the IRS to target conservative groups so that their voices wouldn’t be heard. However, it wasn’t until some time after the election that we actually learned of the shocking plot, which should have nullified the results if we still lived by the rule of law.

But as it turns out, Congress learned of the egregious breach of trust by the agency a full two years after the FBI did, which means the sinister plan was allowed to continue despite our nation’s top law enforcement knowing about it and having the ability to stop it. Now don’t think for a second that the same people responsible for the IRS scandal don’t have something devious up their sleeves this time around.

The Daily Signal has more:

Recently unearthed documents reveal that the FBI knew the IRS was unfairly targeting groups because of their conservative politics two years before Congress even heard about the agency’s misconduct.

The revelation has already added fodder to the conservative case to impeach the current IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

Almost 300 pages of documents released Thursday and obtained by Judicial Watch through the Freedom of Information Act confirm that the IRS subjected conservative groups to increased scrutiny beginning in 2011.

Even though the FBI uncovered the scandal in 2011, the documents show, the Department of Justice chose not to act.

Isn’t that something? The people we trust with upholding our laws did absolutely nothing about the blatant violation of the law and deliberate election fraud that occurred by the Democrat Party politicizing the most feared agency in our nation. What a total disgrace.

This shocking revelation now begs the question of what they have planned this time around, considering there’s a lot more riding on this election than when Obama was up for re-election. With Hillary’s poll numbers tanking and Trump surging ahead, we all have to be extra vigilant this year to ensure that we get a fair shake this time around, because if they’re willing to rig their own primaries, don’t think for a second they won’t try the same in the national election.



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