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BOMBSHELL: ‘Honest’ Ted Just Did This SLEAZY Move To Screw Trump Out Of Nomination

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As we approach the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, it appears as if all bets are off when it comes to getting the eventual nomination for president. Sen. Ted Cruz just made a sleazy move to screw Donald Trump out of getting the required delegates, and it’s not sitting too well with those who’ve heard about it.

A bombshell report from the Wall Street Journal outlines how Cruz intends to skew the rules committees in his favor, which would all but guarantee him the eventual nomination, by courting delegates in Louisiana and other states. According to the Journal, even though Trump beat Cruz by 3.6 percentage points in the Louisiana primary, “Texan may wind up with as many as 10 more delegates from the state than the businessman,” and it’s likely due to his establishment ties.

That’s not all either.

The Times-Picayune has more:

The newspaper reported that Cruz’s supporters “also seized five of Louisiana’s six slots on the three powerful committees that will write the rules and platform at the Republican National Convention and mediate disputes over delegates’ eligibility this summer in Cleveland.”

“The little-noticed inside maneuvering that led to this outcome in Louisiana is another dramatic illustration of the inside game that could have an outsize influence on the bitter race for the GOP nomination,” the Journal says.

The newspaper says the moves could be crucial if Trump fails to reach the delegate threshold to claim the GOP nomination on the convention’s first ballot “because committees dominated by Cruz supporters could work to block him from winning enough delegates to claim the nomination on any subsequent ballots.”

Considering Cruz wasn’t the most popular candidate to start with, how do you think he’s able to make such backroom deals? That’s right, his newly-found establishment buddies, who have aligned behind him in an effort to stop Trump.

As you would imagine, the report didn’t go over too well. Some of the comments on it are below:

“The Louisiana GOP must be the most corrupt state GOP organization in the former country. I changed from GOP to no party after the Louisiana GOP crucified Ron Paul. Folks, it is over. Get used to communism, or at least the good parts, as Obama says.”

“The Republican Party is killing itself.  They don’t care what the voters want.  Self-serving politicians and establishments are ruining our State and Country.  It is time for them to go.”

“These crooked politicians are becoming more and more annoying. We have a criminal, a communists, lying Ted, poor Kasich, and Trump.”

As I continue to say, the GOP is playing with fire this time around, and if they end up screwing the voters, they may be able to keep their party as they want it, but it won’t do them any good because they’ll lose a significant portion of their base.



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